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Deadzone: Enforcers and Hulk

Things have been a little quiet here the past few weeks, with the weather being so great and it being holiday season and all. That said, ‘some’ painting has been going on for Mantic’s Deadzone game in a push to get all four factions complete before wave two arrives some time in August. 651 more words

Work In Progress

Oshkosh M-ATVs – Empress Miniatures 28mm build log4

Base colours laid in ……..

Finished the base painting on the M-ATVs and got most of the details colour blocked in. Panel lining and shading next …. 27 more words


A Whole New Ballgame - we try out an ITS scenario

Last night was our first effort at an ITS scenario, and boy was it a whole new experience. We still usually play generic kill missions, although we have recently been making use of the YAMS mission system for a change of pace. 280 more words


The intimate valley of Round Top

I would call this place a hidden gem if it weren’t for the packs of air-headed day hikers roaming through the area. All the same, Lake Winnemucca near Carson Pass on HWY88 makes for quite the overnight trip through Mokelumne Wilderness. 269 more words


Multi-genre buildings, what a way to save (much needed) space!

A while back I made a Greek temple out of some balsa rod, but this had been sitting unfinished for months as I was never in the right frame of mind to sculpt lots of tiny pan tiles. 631 more words