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Since Last Time

So I’ve not been inactive since my last update, in fact I have been fairly active working on Infinity related things. I’ve got the desert table base done and I am now working on terrain for it (with varied levels of success). 953 more words


My 15th Century (Perry) Collection

To get a sense of how to get the units together for my 15th century company(-ies) I put all assembled models on the table. First up is an overview of all painted and unpainted figures. 297 more words


Welsh Foot Warriors - 1st set

So back to the Welsh after a few none painting posts. My Welsh force have a lot of warriors besides the mounted guys. These are basic guys with shields and javelins. 653 more words


Review: Sword & Spear

Product: Sword & Spear 

Company: Polkovnik Productions


Sword & Spear is a wargame rules set for ancient and medieval (large scale) battles. To quite the Polkovnic Productions page, Sword & Spear is a big battle ancient and medieval wargame. 2,189 more words