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29 Weeks & Counting Down!!!

BIG THANKS to all of my readers who took the time to comment on my maternity photos! Thank you for the lovely compliments, especially because I was definitely not feelings best (or that I looked my best). 501 more words


Holiday Style! Day One

I’m on holiday!!!

Dan and I have ‘jetted off’ to Malta for a week with my family. My mum is Maltese and has a timeshare out here in a hotel…we tease her that it was a total con but we’re getting a free holiday in a fancy apartment in a fancy hotel by the beach in 26 degree weather so maybe it wasn’t such a con after all? 343 more words

Pregnant Style

What's in my makeup bag?

I went on someone’s beauty blog today and they had a regular feature called “What’s in my makeup bag?”..and I’ve literally just stolen it. No amendments. 825 more words

Pregnant Life

Last SummerDaze in New York: Part Two

As promised, my Hubby took me back to Central Park to go row a boat! He is definitely very good to me!

This time we had a mission, no dwadling, no grabbing a bite, no getting lost! 392 more words

Everyday Adventures

Last SummerDaze in New York

Feels like Fall has finally stepped into gear but over the weekend we were granted one final hurrah from Apollo this past weekend and it felt like summer wasn’t quite ready to lose the fight with winter and it was glorious! 913 more words


29 Week Bump Update!

Man was this last doctors visit a busy one! I ended up being there for almost 2 hours! All good news though to report.

My glucose test came back negative which is a good thing. 667 more words

Bump Update

29 Weeks Pregnant

Another week completed and I am feeling lovely.

Even though I was down and out with the flu this week, mentally I am still in a good space and I love every minute of it :) I am just allowing my body to do what it needs to in order for it to prepare for the birthing process. 226 more words

My Pregnancy Journey