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Michigan Self-Defense Law

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For anyone following the trial of Ted Wafer in the killing of Renisha McBride here is an excerpt of Michigan’s self-defense law… 220 more words


Why didn't Renisha McBride go to her Aunt's House less than one block away?

Kay Lumpkin Shell is Renisha’s great Aunt. She lives at 7228 Bramell Renisha’s accident occurred on the same street, about 10 houses down at 7233 Bramell… 111 more words


Your Second Amendment Rights are On the Line in 2014

As Kevin Starrett of Oregon Firearms Federation talks about in this article, you have NO idea how bad it will be for gun owners if the D’s get that 16th vote (Sen. 65 more words

Explaining the Sanctions Against Concern Kalashnikov

When Modern Rifleman broke the news last week that the US Treasury had imposed sanctions against Concern Kalashnikov, the backlash was predictably quick and every bit as intense as I expected. 708 more words


Case Study: Versatility of the 870 platform

The Beginning

For the most part the pump shotgun game is divided into two main camps; 870 or 500. Although there certainly are other pump shotgun makers out there that maker cheaper and more expensive versions of the pump shotgun the big two are Remington and Mossberg.  1,302 more words