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Bill Post Gets "A" Rating from Oregon Firearms Federation as well as Endorsement!

From Press release:
"Candidates who have not held office before but answered our survey were, obviously, rated based on survey answers. It is our policy to give a maximum rating of B+ to someone with no voting record. 171 more words

Check it out.

Check out one of my latest reviews on firearmsinsider.tv Rimz Review.

Going on another Gun and Gear Review Podcast Tonight and will be discussing many things including my coming review of the Henry Classic Lever Action .22

8 Laws I Would Pass If I Was The President

Because the laws I would pass if I were the President of the United States make so much more sense then those already on the books; it’s safe to say in today’s political climate no politician will even consider them.   245 more words


My Top Three Budget Handguns

I get asked all the time for handgun recommendations. Usually the questions come from people that have no idea what they want or need. They want a gun that can do it all. 975 more words

The M&P Shield Post Range Report

I finally had the opportunity to take the little Shield out to the range. I have to say I’m quite impressed. Unfortunately the pictures that I took didn’t turn out too well, but I’ll attempt this blog anyways. 348 more words

Tonight: Jahn Xavier at The Treehouse at 2A

Here’s a wonderful way to end this weekend.  Head on down to the Lower East Side.  Over at  at the comfortable, homey Treehouse at 2A… 102 more words

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