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Time To Reflect

As the deadline for Tale of Nostalgia’s beta draws near I feel the pressure of all the things that need completing by this time. The list seems to get longer and longer every time I consider all that needs to be done. 562 more words

A Semi Reflective Statement as We Hit the Half Way Mark

As the production passes the half way mark. It is time to reflect on how things have been going.

The work load never seems to stop, everyone in the group works hard ensuring that we can make the best game that we can within the time frame we have. 696 more words

Can You Dig It? In Praise of Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight owes a great deal to the early Mega Man games on the Nintendo Entertainment System, yet it’s ironic that while my experiences to date with those Mega Man games… 2,162 more words



Continuing on from the buoyancy and shrinking mechanics I decided to look into some different ways I could apply player movement in the script that would allow my player object to be a ridgebody and thus, able to interact with other physical objects. 170 more words

Mountain Level - Look and Feel Concept Drawing

As part of trying to get the art concept creation streamlined, and closer to actual asset production, the artist in our group are now in the process of making a overall concept drawing for the look and feel of each area in the game. 223 more words

Charging on into Beta

So as we kick into week 8 our Tale of Nostalgia enters the next stage of production. This week we are moving into the beta phase. 417 more words

Game Review- Frog Dares

Frog Dares is a fun and lighthearted 2D platformer that lets the player assume control of an adventurous amphibian without a name. It was originally released back in 2012 by… 949 more words