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Mountain Level - Look and Feel Concept Drawing

As part of trying to get the art concept creation streamlined, and closer to actual asset production, the artist in our group are now in the process of making a overall concept drawing for the look and feel of each area in the game. 223 more words

Charging on into Beta

So as we kick into week 8 our Tale of Nostalgia enters the next stage of production. This week we are moving into the beta phase. 417 more words

Game Review- Frog Dares

Frog Dares is a fun and lighthearted 2D platformer that lets the player assume control of an adventurous amphibian without a name. It was originally released back in 2012 by… 949 more words


2D Platformer - Level 1 Video 2, Shrinking and Buoyancy Mechanic - 23/11/14

So over the last 2 to 3 days I have been working on the programming students first assignment the 2D platformer level in order to catch up with them so I can learn it along with my main subject. 205 more words

The Particle Effect

The weeks are turning into such a blur I sometimes forget is it week 6 or week 7.  Since my last post on this blog, I’ve been working on all the parts of Tale of Nostalgia that the others don’t have time to do or what isn’t really in their job title. 655 more words

My First Mega Man – Mega Man 2 (and 3)

I recently wrote a two-part feature chronicling my Soul Level 1 playthrough of action-RPG Demon’s Souls (see it here and here). Needless to say, it was a tense, challenging and sometimes very difficult experience. 3,595 more words


Week 4: NPCs Everywhere!

As week 4 closes to an end, I feel as I didn’t do as much as I could. Sad to say a lot of stuff happen that made me unable to work to the best as I could. 151 more words