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Bipedal Nightmares

Animating bipedal locomotion is fun – when you’re looking at the finished product.

My desktop is resembling a graveyard of folders; a mosaic of discarded hours as the start/stop cycle continues to haunt me with perceived failures – and some outright failures as well, in which grappling upwards initiates a gravity reversal, or there’s an accidental 3rd foot, or even making my two-legged friend look like she was moonwalking forward. 169 more words

public string blogPostTitle = "Almost Done";

It’s the final week of production and Tale of Nostalgia almost looks like it is ready. There are just minor things that need to be included and adjusted before we make our final build. 441 more words

There and Back (to game developing) again

So. hi there. Its been a while.

Last time you heard from me i was changing the look of the game. Adding depth and newer art assets, well things really haven’t changed all that much. 359 more words

How time flies

It has been quite a while since I personally wrote a blog post on the process of the game. I do forget to write what has been happening and more working on everything. 358 more words

Scripting Experiment - Looking At Perspective Shifting Mechanics

In Balance our games central mechanic is the player can shift between the 2.5D and 2D perspectives to navigate the terrain. Being interested in how this mechanic was achieved for a while, and wanting to experiment with my own scripting ability, I decided to try coming up with my own concept of how this could be achieved. 405 more words

Time To Reflect

As the deadline for Tale of Nostalgia’s beta draws near I feel the pressure of all the things that need completing by this time. The list seems to get longer and longer every time I consider all that needs to be done. 562 more words

A Semi Reflective Statement as We Hit the Half Way Mark

As the production passes the half way mark. It is time to reflect on how things have been going.

The work load never seems to stop, everyone in the group works hard ensuring that we can make the best game that we can within the time frame we have. 696 more words