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Portraits of Gifted: God's Face

When I first met God I was sitting on an uncomfortable folding chair in a small loft in a small synagogue staring straight ahead and counting the lines on the wood paneling angled too close before me. 1,315 more words

Word garden: growing up gifted and learning disabled

I’m often asked what it felt like growing up as an unidentified gifted girl with special needs. With the start of a new school year, I decided it was a good time to consider the question and I was shocked how my mind immediately jumped to my disabilities, my downsides, my unfortunates; you know, those things which are the smallest part of you and yet successfully mask that which is ability, upside, and fortunate as a school-age child. 838 more words

Our 2014-2015 Kindergarten Curriculum Choices

With a little over a week until we officially start our Kindergarten year, I figured it was about time to map out what resources and curriculum we’ll be using. 1,822 more words


Mystaran Skyships in Spelljammer, Part III: Swan Shuttle

The Elven Swan Ship immediately brings to mind the much larger Halfling Swan Ship, so connecting the two makes for great Spelljammer lore. 346 more words


Player's Handbook Release Day (or I Forgot to Remember to do This Yesterday)

So, to follow my Basic Rules PDF release post, I am again a day behind in letting the world know that I am excited about 5E and the  333 more words


Plata: High Resolution Map

Plata is a flat world detailed in SJR4 Practical Planetology, home to native aarakocra and remnant humanoid populations from the First Unhuman War. I used the map included on the poster sheet of that book to make a higher resolution version suitable for adding locations, although I have never gotten around to doing so. 42 more words



As the kids get older and things change. It becomes very obvious how important being a dad is. I mess up everyday, but I try to learn from my mistakes and move forward. 91 more words