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Malifaux 2E: Bad things happen

Malifaux is a unique 32mm tabletop miniature skirmish game. Set in the city of Malifaux, a gothic, Victorian (and a little western) world. A world discovered through a magical breach in an alternative Earth, that contains wonders and magic beyond belief. 648 more words


Guest Post: Snappy Answers to Stupid Excuses (for Parents of Gifted Kids)

By Jim Delisle, coauthor of The Gifted Teen Survival Guide

When it comes to understanding and serving gifted kids, school administrators run the gamut from awful to awesome—and I’ve worked with both types. 1,168 more words

FSP Author

A 2E Kid Goes to College

Let’s be honest here, being twice-exceptional has its challenges. The term alone is a challenge. Twice-exceptional. What does that mean? Do you have some sort of entitlement issue? 1,417 more words

Human Experience

What I Do and Do Not Like About D&D

Raven Crowking posts here about why it is important to be honest when talking about 5E: the latest rendition of Dungeons and Dragons.  He rightly points out that letting people know what you don’t like about something is as important a letting them know what you do like.  974 more words


Moving Forward

Teachers, students, and other readers of Social Media Marketing:

Mike and I have good news! The 2e version of Social Media Marketing is well underway! It will be published in January 2015 by Sage. 98 more words

Orcish Religion Amongst the Stars

Regardless of subrace, orcish (and in fact most goblinkin races) society tends to take one of two distinct forms in wildspace: Independent tribes and organized nations. 3,546 more words


Goblin Hordes

~ From “Goblin Gear” by Adam “Night Druid” Miller

A common pest on many groundling worlds, for ages it was thought that goblins were too primitive and weak to make a serious impact on wildspace.  2,631 more words