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Apple adds two-step verification for iCloud, effective immediately

Apple really is listening, and doubly so!

The company backed down over the “foistware” U2 album that you recently received via iTunes, like it or not. 922 more words


Insecurity, Part Two

Last weeks post (“Insecurity, Part One”) was getting a little long, so I left a few things out. One was very simple: keep your security information on paper, or hard copy as we used to say. 404 more words

Books For The Internet Age

Nude celeb selfies doxing prompts 4chan to change policy

4chan, the slap-happy imageboard that’s spawned or popularized internet memes such as Rickrolling and lolcats and more recently served as a launchpad for the… 632 more words


Apple, please provide better protection for iCloud - Secure our Selfies!

Unless you’ve been on the moon this week, you will have heard about the Great Big Celebrity Naked Picture Theft.

Apple has confirmed it’s found no evidence of a security breach, but it does know that some individual iCloud accounts were compromised. 758 more words


Are Your Online Accounts 2FA Protected?

Let’s face it.  We all keep fighting the good fight, but every time we hear a news story about ‘HaCkErS‘ a shudder runs through our brains.  341 more words