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Ah, Houston, You Have a Problem...

Say Again, Apollo 13 Churches?

“I say again, Houston, you have a problem! We are trying to fulfill our mission, a mission given to us by the Real Director of Space Exploration, and you, are purposely and vindictively trying to wreck the base of our mission rights. 960 more words

Soviet commissars at Southern Oregon University want only free speech in a 6 x 6 free speech zone

Southern Oregon University commissars do not want any people handing out copies of the Constitution of the United States unless it’s in a “free speech zone.”  Events like this should cause a loss of funding to this university until they change their policies.   55 more words

Police State

TODAY: Feds crack down on ‘shoot a drone’ gatherings

A new twist on skeet shooting –  using drones for target practice – has authorities turning up at some firing ranges to stop the practice. The Feds say the gatherings are illegal. 166 more words


Warsaw Dispatch: Holster Your Weapon

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said, “Holster your weapon,” and meant it because someone was aiming a loaded handgun at you, cocked and ready to fire? 1,177 more words


The Unsavory History of Gun Control

I’ve written extensively about gun control, but mostly because of practical and moral objections to the notion that government should have the power to disarm law-abiding people. 805 more words

Gun Control

Mom's Demand What?

Mom’s Demand Action..

A Nanny Bloomberg owned and controlled anti gun front group..

Continues it’s rhetoric of uninformed, shrill hysteria..

If a bad guy walks into a store and robs a bank… 16 more words

2nd Amendment