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Hello 2nd Trimester.... 14 weeks

Well, officially into another phase of this pregnancy and starting to relax into it…

Once again, spotting has stopped. Saw OB today and she can’t see the clot now, so hopefully that’s the end – though she said if it happens again not to panic…. 220 more words


The verdict is in!

I had already been questioned a thousand times on my gender of choice.  Naturally, every new dad has hopes for a boy.  It was fun to hear the opinions from everyone, and Chris and I were more than ready to find out! 132 more words

2nd Trimester

2nd trimester & cauliflower

Tired! I’m so freaking tired! The 2nd trimester is supposed to be the time of much more energy. And the 1st trimester is the time for tiredness. 441 more words


Anatomy Scan Monday 11/10

I am always excited to get to see my daughter (love being able to say that…”my daughter” a phrase I will never tire from!) on an ultrasound! 305 more words


Thursday 30th

We had a guest speaker today – a local screening co-ordinator. She did a really great presentation about screening and was interesting, engaging and really personable. 450 more words

What To Expect When You’re Expecting

2nd Trimester (Weeks 13-27)

    (Camden Bennett Headley blowing us kisses)

The second trimester brought relief.  After thirteen long weeks I could finally breathe. No more walking on egg shells, because now I could finally tell the world about my bundle of joy. 890 more words


What Comes With Each Day...

On November 12th, our surrogate will be 20 weeks pregnant. That’s the halfway mark!

As big a milestone as that is, I must be honest in saying that because of prior losses and all, I look at every passing day as a mini-obstacle. 407 more words