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Dream- Desert Foods Again and Cameos!

Why in the world do I keep dreaming about desert foods?

Last nights dream:

I was hired to work in this summer camp type atmosphere. Although there were no kids and the only thing I was responsible for was babysitting a friend of mine, Sarah’s, newborn when we all went swimming. 283 more words

2nd Trimester

My favorite jeans and my favorite top from my least favorite store

Yesterday I was all black and blue and so today I thought I’d balance it out with some white and cream.

Wearing another Target jean favorite… I have a hunch these are gonna see a LOT of use before Labor Day comes round and tries to nix all my whites. 379 more words

2 Babies?! - Dream

Well Ive really topped out on the weird pregnancy dreams.

Last night I had one broken up and segmented dream.

The beginning of the dream was my due date and Jeff and I were getting ready to rush to the hospital. 320 more words

2nd Trimester

Hey Good Lookin' (Denim)

Thank the heavens… I got a photo outside today. That bathroom lighting made me look much sexier than I should be advertising on the internet, given that I’m with child and all. 1,000 more words

Top tips for training while pregnant

As a Journalist, I get to talk to some really interesting experts so I had to share these pregnancy  tips for training while pregnant from… 358 more words


18 Weeks

My post is two days late. I’ve had awful headaches that only get worse when I use technology. I’ve tried to avoid my computer/phone/tv screen as much as possible. 298 more words

2nd Trimester

Preggo Journal - Week 22

How far along:     Only 38 weeks to go… but who’s counting??

(Correction thanks to one of my readers:  I have 18 weeks to go.  516 more words