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Preggo Journal - Week 22

How far along:     Only 38 weeks to go… but who’s counting??

(Correction thanks to one of my readers:  I have 18 weeks to go.  516 more words

Kicking Me Now

I felt her move for the first time today. It wasn’t very much. But she was letting me know she did not like the laptop on top of her :)

2nd Trimester

A Personal Glimpse Into 4d Scanning

Congratulations! It’s a GIRL!

Those words were music to my ears. Granted I would have been grateful for just “Happy and Healthy” but I will take everything I can get. 439 more words


My Preggo Reality

I’ve never been a huge fan of kale.  I try to like it.  Really, I do.  In fact, I try so hard that I buy it almost on a weekly basis; although most times, it sits in my fridge until it’s withered and brownish.  619 more words

Black on gray on denim

We’ve got some maternity going on downtown and regular biz uptown.

I’m not sure if it was the bloating, or my treating french-fries like they were a legitimate vegetable… but around 10ish weeks my pre-pregnancy work pants decided they had had enough french fries… and refused to fit. 397 more words

Sugar and Spice

We couldn’t wait.  Absolutely not.  I can’t even wait to open Christmas gifts if I know they exist and are wrapped.  But I wanted to find out in the most fun way I could find.  21 more words


17 Weeks

17 weeks has been rather uneventful except that I’ve finally popped. I can not longer hide the belly unless I wear a very baggy shirt. Our news is also spreading. 341 more words

2nd Trimester