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Health Insurance

This post is going to be full of numbers.  However, it is important to me and an important issue affecting the general population.  Health insurance has become a topic avoided like politics and religion.   1,283 more words


Decisions to be made - 16 weeks 3 days

I’ve taken several pictures, thinking I may be capturing a small bump.  They all look the same really.  Below are ones from last week (15 weeks) which may be showing something.  319 more words

Hormonal Meltdowns

In life we are entitled to certain meltdowns.  For example, every actor is entitled to one good meltdown per production.  In such a high stress, fast-paced environment, it’s only natural that tensions will get high, the stress will become unbearable, and the waterworks will flow.   679 more words

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Dayre Posts - Oct 2014

ok, I realized I’ve been more active on Dayre these days. I find it addictive to use their stickers (since I hardly take pics these days) which are really cute and I also find it easy to just ramble there randomly… lol. 2,836 more words

The Little One

13 Week Update, All Hail Sproutakiss

How far along:  I just saw my last update was 10.5 weeks. I can’t believe time is flying by! I just hit 13 weeks today. 624 more words

Pregnancy Posts

1st OB Appt Tomorrow!

We have made it to 15 weeks! 2nd trimester! I am a little worried as much as I am excited! The last ultrasound was September 12th and so feels like it’s been forever! 266 more words