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Update!  It’s been too long!  

I am finally able to sit down and put together a post.  This is major progress!  As you know from the previous post, E and I are going to be mommies!  344 more words


10 dpo

I’m in between being completely crazy because I’m a few days away from knowing if I’m pregnant and feeling super proud of myself because I’m feeling much less crazy than normal. 593 more words


Official Test Day is tomorrow. I like to be prepared, so needless to say I have already done a few HPTs in advance so that I am suitably forewarned and forearmed for the outcome. 48 more words


2 little lines & the dreaded Two Week Wait!

The ultimate goal – the holy grail of baby making – is to find two lines on a pregnancy test. The kind of lines that don’t require squinting to the high heavens or tipping just a little to the left, up to the right and under a beaming light to see. 213 more words

I don't think this is it

I have no further symptoms.
I’ll just expect AF to come 5 days from now than be disappointed.

6 dpo

I’m convinced I’m not pregnant…which is ridiculous because implantation may not have even occurred yet…but, I just have a feeling I’ll be greeted by my period in about a week. 430 more words