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8dp3dt And I’m Getting Nervous

In the quiet of these moments, these moments of waiting, of not yet knowing, when everything may still be possible, I cannot help but feel it’s going to work. 1,082 more words

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Chicken Butt

Guess what?  My left ovary DOES exist (insert a giant eye roll here).  Lena was back at the clinic today and I told her of the hiding-ovary-woes (after telling her I missed her!).  114 more words

Baby Brain... Sans Baby

Egg Retrieval Drama Rama

I feel guilty that I havent been updating my blog. In fact, I haven’t logged in for the longest time since my last 2 days of stims. 1,179 more words


6dp3dt Apparently I’m Still Calm (ish)

Don’t get me wrong, I have had manic freak outs. Like on Sunday when Surro-SIL texted to say she’d woken up with an awful cold. Yep I freaked out thinking “OMG this will fuck up poor Smidge and Smudge’s implantation chances…” 420 more words

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Are we Still on the Same Page?

I’ve been playing the fun game we all know and hate which is the 2WW. I am pretty sure I started spotting today so looks like the 2WW ended a little early for me. 1,137 more words

5dp3dt And My Secretary Thinks I’m Pregnant

Last year, with all the IVF appointments taking up such a huge amount of time in my life I semi-came-out about IF in work. It is now no real secret that I have been having lots of hospital appointments for baby-making related stuff. 876 more words

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Birthday party, Progesterone and 2 WW

Refreshed.. I feel refreshed after a 4 day weekend of carefree, simplicity of life. 

Friday night we celebrated Danika’s 5th birthday. Talk about a tear jerker. 612 more words