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Maybe Baby #4 | DPO 12 & I Want to Believe

I tested again this morning. No dice. I’ll test one more time on Saturday, and after that only if I don’t start my next cycle by Tuesday. 277 more words


Some Retrieval Results

6 eggs retrieved
4 eggs fertilized
We will do a 3 day transfer on Saturday with two of the embryos.

I am ridiculously nervous that we are doing a day 3 transfer. 54 more words


Maybe Baby #4 | DPO 10 & I Cheated

I tested.

Sorry. (Not sorry.)

But you would have, too, if you’d just had a restless night full of dreams about positive pregnancy tests. I even dreamed that I had visited my ob-gyn to confirm and start doing whatever tests it is one does at first. 109 more words


FRIENDS fans anyone? :)

Are you in there, little fetus?
In nine months will you come greet us?

I will buy you some Adidas.



My Clomid was increased to 100mg this month and I’ve certainly felt its effects.  Unlike last month on 50mg where I – maybe – had some hot flashes, this month has brought more significant sensations.  794 more words

One Crazy Weekend -2WW

I don’t always know when obsessive determined Pops will emerge.   We have patiently been waiting for July… when Oli starts TTC.  Oli ovulates any day between day 14-17.   1,127 more words

Maybe Baby #4 | DPO 9 & I Could Test Tomorrow

But I won’t.


Now that we’re on our fourth two week wait, I’m finally starting to notice patterns. There’s the excited first few days (0-3), which slowly give way to hopeful days (4-6), then that hope begins to dissipate (7-10), until I’m left with just nerves (11-12) and finally bleak despair (12-15). 375 more words