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Talking to Myself

I was sitting there, analyzing my “symptoms”, and I thought:



Unfortunately, I was only 6 days past ovulation. 


My logical brain said:

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Baby Brain... Sans Baby

Mother Effer!

Disclaimer:  I’m having a really bad day.  That means this is going to be a super whiny, bitchy post. 

You are warned.


It’s the busiest week of the month at work.  492 more words

Baby Brain... Sans Baby

Wisdom has left my mouth (along with a molar)

Ladies…if there’s one thing I can recommend NOT to do doing your 2ww…it’s getting 2 teeth pulled.

At the end of this last school year, J convinced me I should really go in and get my teeth cleaned since we now have dental insurance.   369 more words

9dp3dt: Is There A Chance You Could Be Pregnant?

Today I went to the dentist and had to have x-rays and so I got the usual “Could you be pregnant?” I was pretty tempted to say “well no but I could be expecting…!!” and watch the mad confusion unfurl… Ha! 322 more words

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Tomorrow is D-Day.  And I would be lying if I didn’t say that part of me thinks there’s a chance this really worked.  I’ve tried hard to be realistic about the chances of this working, but I am human.   142 more words


8dp3dt And I’m Getting Nervous

In the quiet of these moments, these moments of waiting, of not yet knowing, when everything may still be possible, I cannot help but feel it’s going to work. 1,082 more words

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Chicken Butt

Guess what?  My left ovary DOES exist (insert a giant eye roll here).  Lena was back at the clinic today and I told her of the hiding-ovary-woes (after telling her I missed her!).  114 more words

Baby Brain... Sans Baby