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11dp5dt - Less Than 24 Hours

It’s less than 24 hours until my beta test. Nerves are creeping up.  Much to my surprise this 2ww (which won’t actually be two full weeks) hasn’t been too bad. 855 more words


12dpo.. 12dpiui.. mischievious?!

No surprise, after work yesterday I asked my dear Oli if she would pee in a cup for me. Answer “no”. I wasn’t forceful. Last night before bed I placed a cup next to the toilet and let my dear OIi know it was there.. 294 more words

Three bedrooms eh?

It’s hit me.

In the face. Like a breath of sea air.

Absolute bliss.

That moment all teachers wait for. The return of you! You’re not ‘Miss’ anymore, or Mrs. 634 more words


2WW, Food, and Mom

Well, today, I have felt a little pain in my right ovary area. I don’t really know if it’s ovary or follicle related. Possibly implantation? It’s two days past my last IUI. 321 more words


Yep Oli still won’t poas or pee in a cup for me.  I don’t press it, but I’ve asked every morning and I get a “no babes”.  119 more words

IUI Two For the Cycle and FB Fools

Sunday’s IUI went fine. Being gone for 10 hours this weekend wasn’t exactly fun, but at least it was for a good reason. I am hopeful, but still need to think about IVF as our appointment with the doctor to discuss it is in a couple of weeks (right before the 2WW is over). 142 more words

A Photo Tour of My JuJu

First thing is first…

Yesterday morning, around 10:15, these two beauties were transferred back to me:

2 strong little 8-cell embryos. The embryologist did not provide a “grading.” I asked if they were good and strong and she replied that they were. 690 more words