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Babies Babies Babies

Last weekend was exhausting and full of babies and kids! I was never so grateful for this weekend to be over. Don’t get me wrong; I love my friends and their kids. 999 more words

7 days to go before the first ultrasound scan.

Am here at the O&G (outpatient & general methinks) clinic at KK hospital. My mild yeast infection from inserting the Utrogestan during the 2 week wait is still present so I’ve decided to come and get it fixed. 295 more words

2WW Part Two: To be or not to be

I have officially hit the crazy! I am 11dpo as of today and I am feeling the pressure. Yes, there is pressure during the 2WW. I think it is compounded when you are on a medicated cycle. 639 more words

Instagram... Huh?

This is the first time I’m posting from my phone, so please excuse the lack of formatting and the inevitable spelling and grammar mistakes.

This is just a little quick note. 35 more words

Baby Brain... Sans Baby


I feel like a kid who gets all A’s on their papers and then gets an F on their report card. ¬†How can every appointment go so well and I am still not pregnant? 214 more words

Beta Max!

I’ve been experiencing hot flashes at night the past three nights. So last night I set the A/C on to 18 degree and full blast. Poor S shivering under the blanket, but there was no way I could sleep if it was at higher. 365 more words

If Having a Baby was Easy...

As many of you would know, I am midway through the horrendous two-week wait period, as a result of our third IVF transfer, and 4th IVF attempt. 678 more words