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Mushroom Chicken Ravioli

I wasn’t really sure how this would turn out but I must say I was pleasantly surprised as well as pleased. Every plate was cleaned and I felt like Mikey from those old life cereal commercials, “I really liked it”. 98 more words

Good Eats

3 ingredient cookies (no sugar, vegan, super tasty!)

I hope you guys had a great weekend! Since it’s been 6 months that we’re a couple, Steph and I went to the Kamakura restaurant on thursday night and had an amazing dinner! 76 more words


3 ingredients nutella cake balls

Okay so today I had my little cousin over my place and he always expects me to make something special for him. I was extremely being lazy today so I just made a simple spaghetti for him but few hours later  he asked me to make him cake and he offered to help aswell. 413 more words


MOTD (Merienda Of The Day): Banana Cue!

How are you mommies? I hope you’re having a fabulous day. My post for today is about my favorite childhood merienda (okay, one of my many favorite merienda!) that is so easy to prepare, you could do this in 30 minutes or less from peeling to serving. 200 more words


3 ingredients easy Cream Popsicle

What is your favorite season? Mine is summer. Even thinking about summer makes me happy, in an ordinary and dull winter day I usually imagine myself  reading a good book under a tree in a warm sunny day while having chilled berries. 176 more words


3 ingredients white chocolate cheesecake

In this white chocolate cheesecake there are only 3 ingredients, it is a very simple and easy recipe. We added cream cheese frosting but it is optional you can leave it plain or add some sugar or icing. 197 more words

Ugly but Good (3 Ingredents cookies)

Αυτά τα υπερ-νόστιμα μπισκότα φουντουκιού, είναι γνωστά στην Ιταλία ως “άσχημα, αλλά νόστιμα” (Brutti ma buoni στα ιταλικά) και προέρχονται από τη βόρεια Ιταλία, μάλλον από τη Λομβαρδία. 217 more words