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"Penguins" Deserving of Time in Spotlight

The movie starts in inspired fashion as the distinctive vocal cadence of filmmaker Werner Herzog is heard narrating a documentary on the migratory habits of penguins. 333 more words

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Leads Bring Everything to "Theory"

James Marsh’s The Theory of Everything is a noble endeavor, an effort to portray theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s refusal to be completely silenced by the debilitating neuromuscular disease that has ravaged his body, while examining the unique relationship between him and his wife Jane. 256 more words

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Lawrence's Conviction saves Overlong "Mockingjay"

When last we left our heroine, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) had just thrown the country of Panem into turmoil by disrupting the latest edition of the… 250 more words

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Mbatha-Raw a Ray of Hope in "Lights"

Gina Prince-Bythewood plants the seeds of her heroine Noni’s (Mbatha-Raw) dissatisfaction early on as we see her as a sweet 10 year-old who’s forced by her domineering, single mum Macy Jean (Minnie Driver, hissing and raving with relish) toward being a successful singer whether she likes it or not. 227 more words

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Gyllenhaal Continues to Impress in "Nightcrawler"

There’s a moral vacuum where Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) is concerned and over the course of this gripping film we see how deep the void within him really is.  258 more words

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Trinity, by Sophie Masson

I chose this book because of the gorgeous cover image. Yes, I judged it by its cover.

There are two things wrong with this book, in my opinion. 163 more words


Kline and Smith Give Life to "My Old Lady"

Kevin Kline is firmly in his element here as Mathias Gold, a twice-divorced, would-be author in his late 50’s who’s as broke as the day he was born. 292 more words

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