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Light years away (4) The Whipping

Light years away (4) The whipping

Poor Stella arrived in her dreamy state once again this morning after the bell had rung. Sister Mary Mona was away on a retreat and would not be there to scheme something once again to save her from getting her punishment. 236 more words


A Suitable Case

I took care of three prompts in one today, including 3 WW and a photo prompt! I did a prompt very recently which was about an imaginary friend (Black-eyed Soul) so I went with the idea of having a second ‘you’ to fit in with the prompt as best I could. 821 more words

Short Stories

The Mysterious Gift

Angela was loved by all her classmates, she was so smart and always willing to help. Students always tried to sit next to her during a test…she was that smart! 554 more words


Quiet Ones

There are a few things attached to this story so let me give a few credits out please.

3 Word Wednesday – For the three word prompt (words in bold) 1,527 more words

Short Stories

Ice Storm (haiga)

In 1998 there as a terrible ice storm in Southern Quebec, just minutes from Montréal in the Eastern Townships. This was also in my home town and the city where our children grew up. 232 more words


one lone sock (narrative)

My favourite Auntie Sarah was coming for a visit this Thanksgiving weekend. I could not wait to see her. She was the most patient woman I knew. 228 more words


The Angel and the Girl

This is in answer to the 3 Word Wednesday prompt. The words were Barren, Intense and Worry, which are highlighted in the text. My inspiration for the story was this gravestone which I found in my local churchyard. 1,442 more words

Short Stories