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The new Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2, or DK2 for short, started shipping this week; and as the first units begin arriving to eager gamers and developers alike, … 160 more words


Theodore Bonbon and Bonbon

Months ago, my guinea pig Bonbon died. :(

Months later, we got a piggie named Theodore Bonbon. (his sister is Sneb)

They look alike! :) 30 more words


[M.M.X.I.V. 212] Leather

This post is pretty quick.  As it turns out, the picture that I have posted would be more suited to something wooden (it has been five years (!!) and a few months since I graduated from the University of Nebraska Honors Program) instead of the (faux?) leather that I have posted.   115 more words


#7DaysAHero: Day 3

“But seeing J-Hitz made me get into rap.”

Day 3: Photo Taken on December 31, 2012. On my album it’s a line where I say, “But seeing J-Hitz made me get into rap.” In my high school days this was the rap star of the hallways and one of the first people to actually believe in me as an artist when many didn’t. 32 more words