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List 20 Random Facts About You ( Day 1)

So heres a few random facts about me:

1. I got married right after high school.
2. My absolute favorite pet awould be my ferret I had in high school, his name was squirt. 237 more words


Day 30 - Something that never fails to make me feel better

Elizabeth – A coke icee. If my world is falling apart, all I have to do is get an icee and it doesn’t seem so bad. 43 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 29 - Most Precious Possession

Elizabeth – I actually have several.

1. Terri’s grandmother’s wedding rings. I never take them off.
2. An antique white sapphire ring passed down to me from my grandmother’s side of the family. 86 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge

Blog Challenge: Day 22

one thing you’ve never done that most people have:

watched Frozen.

I am a movie buff, but when it comes to cartoon movies- count me out. 42 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge

Words of Wisdom

Different people, different opinions, different views in life but all has their own life quotation they live by.

Stolen shots define the true beauty of a person…

225 more words
30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 28 - Inspiration

Elizabeth – I don’t have one specific thing that inspires me. Sometimes it’s music or another work of art. Nature inspires me…most specifically rain. Now that I’m so into our story, the characters inspire me. 52 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge

Specifically, what would you eat and drink for a whole day that will make you feel satisfied?


and water

Piatos and Water

Piatos is my all time favorite Filipino chip. It really does taste very good. It comes with different flavors and my and my favorite flavors are shown in the above pictures. 173 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge