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"Drain" (Day 12)

I’m not sure what exactly happened. I woke up today feeling light-headed, dizzy and extremely hot. Snoozing until 20 minutes before work and still having to pull myself out of bed to get a breakfast in before a 7:30 am housekeeping shift. 531 more words

A Modern Woman

6th Day Blog Challenge

Are you ever annoyed by things that you or other people do? I am, and for today’s challenge I’ll explain the quickest way to put me through agony. 262 more words

Writer's Mind

Day 4: Hobbies

It’s funny, when I was younger, I used to hate reading. Especially those intimidating 1000+ page novels. But over the years I grew to love it. 255 more words

Josh Bringas

30dpc- day 20

This is a universe I don’t fit into
the negative space in your walls I want to fill
not to overflow the cup that is… 50 more words

30DPC - Day 18

Maybe my February heart rises to the surface in your dreams
though in my secret tongue, I pronounce my soliloquy
of doubt, fostering the insecure and undesirable frame… 119 more words

30DPC- DAY 19

Choose a poem that you’ve written and rewrite it in its reverse, making the last line the first, etc. Revise this version, creating a new poem. 156 more words

30DPC- Day 17

Choose an everyday object (e.g. subway car, elevator, paper napkin, coffee, highway, grass) and investigate the anatomy of that object, real or imagined. What are the specific names for its parts, its origins, its functions, who it touches, how it moves or is moved? 62 more words