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30 Day Challenge: Day 17; What is the most challenging issue in education today?

Some of my classmates think its Technology, some think funding or benefits. I think its the adults of the generation before us. As in the people making the rules about what we as educators and future educators can teach and how much money the district and schools inside the district get each year.Until we all get off our high horses and start equalizing districts education will be at a standstill. 42 more words

Day three and four and five: Arms, Abs, and yoga


Time: About ten minutes, or two and a half Dada Life tracks.

Review:  I have weak arms.  This hurt.  Half way through I went to my knees, and for the last ten I moved to a table top and did them at an incline.   340 more words

Day 21 - Reinforced Kangaroo

Let’s switch to a front carry, shall we?  This is a great carry for both newborns and leg straighteners.  It’s very similar to a FWCC, but with much more comfortable shoulder straps. 406 more words


day 1: your current relationship. If single, discuss how single life is

My current relationship? Right now, I’m stuck in a foursome between my lovely bed, my hot computer (when it overheats) and delicious food. So well duh, I’m single. 507 more words

Windows Of My Soul

30 Day Challenge - Day Two

2.  Where Would You Like To Be In Ten Years

hmmm, well in ten years I’ll be almost 65  SHOCK!! HORROR!!

So, let’s think about this.   352 more words


30DBC: The Intouchables

30 Day Blog Challenge: 28, Your favorite movie.

I discover the movie The Intouchables last year on Netflix. It is one of the best movies I have even seen.   87 more words

30 Day Challenge

Day 17

Don’t forget to check out beckysblog where this challenge came from originally.

17. Author you wish people would read more.

The first authors that came to mind is Patrick Ness and John Marsden. 367 more words