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The Impossible Sticker Chart

Bikram yoga is pretty well known for their 30 day challenges (go 30 times in 30 days), but that is simply unreasonable for me to attempt with a job, toddler, husband, unless they offered like 5am classes and that would be ridiculous anyway. 594 more words


Reasons to be Thankful : Day 10

I’m Thankful for Friendship..

 Today I’m feeling really Happy! It’s a Friday and the day is half over and I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am to have invaluable friendships. 435 more words

30 Day Challenge

Day 25 - July 24th

Activity: Gym

Back at it! Felt pretty good today actually. Ran for 16 minutes, did the machines, did another 7 min on the eliptical, then finished with some mat work and my 200 crunches. 256 more words

Healthy Active Living

New Month, New Challenge

One month of ice cold showers later and I’ll probably never take one that cold ever again. I think I’ll stick to luke warm showers now since the cold did get me used to a slightly chillier water temperature. 376 more words

30 Reasons to be Thankful : Day 9

Today is a mixture of two things.

I am thankful for having a voice & having passions!

God wants us to be a voice for those that don’t have one, people who are unable to speak up for themselves. 248 more words

30 Day Challenge

Today's Hero

Prompt: What makes a hero of today?

Small deeds done every minute when grouped as one becomes bigger than a big deed done once in a while. 226 more words


Day 8: What is the most supportive thing anyone has said to you about self-harm?

Well… I guess when A said he supports me stopping. R never seemed comfortable taking about it, and whenever he made mention of it, it was in a way that made me feel ashamed. 555 more words