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30 DOD: VI- Background: Magick

I think there is a difference between Magick and magic.

Magick is science, faith, love, nature, belief.

Magic is child’s play slight-of-hand.

There are also two kinds of Magick. 241 more words

30 Days

I'm In the Home Stretch!

Don’t tell me you thought I fell off of my “30 days” challenge, simply because you haven’t been given voyeuristic privileges? I know, I know, that was so uncalled for and I apologize profusely. 215 more words

The Modesta

30DOD: V- Moral Code

My moral code can be boiled down to the simplicity of the Golden Rule.

Every culture has some variation on this “rule”. Below is a small sampling of the GR’s. 27 more words


30DOD: IV- Background: Deities

When I first discovered the 30 Days meme, I saw it was to research, write, and discover about a deity in your practice. When I really thought about it, however, I acknowledged the fact that I do not have deities within my practice. 355 more words


30DOD: III- Background: Afterlife

From the reading and research I have done, I have found that Druidry is not concerned with the afterlife.

Druidry is focused on the now, the present. 254 more words


30DOD II Background: Cosmology take 2

Last night as I was falling asleep, I thought maybe a timeline would help me develop a narrative for my cosmology.

Normal, happy kid. Some bumps, mom got sick, parents got divorced, and dad got remarried but no traumatic events. 282 more words


30DOD II Background: Cosmology

This post is the hardest one I have had to write in a while…I know it should be easy, because I am writing about myself. 223 more words