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Day 30-Your Hopes for your Blog.

So here we are at the very end of our 30 Days Challenge. It has taken me about a year but I actually finished it! And that, my friends, has not happened before! 89 more words

30 Days

Day 29-A Confession.

Although I’m not Catholic I felt like the inside of a confession booth was an appropriate picture :-D

In a way a blogpost pretty much is one confession after the other. 140 more words

30 Days

Day 28-Most Embarrasing Moment.

Well….this is akward. I’m the kind of person who gets embarrased very easily, or perhaps not embarrased exactly but alot bothers me and makes me uncomfortable. 187 more words

30 Days

Day 27; What's in your closet

My closet is, well to be honest, a war zone most of the time. Which is why I’ve been obsessing over this post for so long and actually; dreading to write it. 189 more words

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