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Raking Leaves: An Exercise in Gratefulness?

That, my friends, is the culmination of about 2 weeks worth of raking, mulching, composting and bagging some of the leaves in our back yard. 16 containers/bags of leaves!  222 more words


The Crumbs from the Table: Food for Thought

One of my favorite parts of our annual beach trip is getting stuck on the drawbridges.

Yes, really!

Sitting between sea and sky, water on all sides, and no way to move, I  can turn off my car’s engine and just drink in the loveliness. 743 more words


30 Days of Blogging: Color Palettes

I absolutely love looking at color palettes.  I search for inspiration in them, and dream of what I can do with each and every different color, and all the craft projects I could make to showcase different accents.  522 more words


30 Days of Blogging: iPod shuffle!

This is an easy one…open your iPod (or random musical device, even streaming music counts) and copy down the first 10 songs that play!  I’m looking at my iPod, and using that, so here is a brief glimpse of the wide range of music that I listen to: 99 more words


30 Days of Lessons I Learned on the Farm

I’m thrilled to take part in my first ever 30-day blog challenge! Starting November 1, I will be posting a blog every single day for the entire month. 83 more words

30 Days of Blogging: Life Lessons

Every day I learn something new about life.  I think that to learn is to grow, and the minute you stop learning you die.  Maybe not physically, but emotionally and mentally, for sure.  575 more words


30 Days of Blogging: Bucket List

These days, everyone has a bucket list.  You know, that list of things you absolutely want to accomplish before you die…the “bucket list.”  I have no idea where the name came from, to be honest, and I don’t even have a list to name, bucket or otherwise.  705 more words