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30DOD: VII- Background: Holidays

When I was first reading through Druidry information, I was a bit surprised to see mention of the holidays I already observe listed as Druid festivals. 73 more words


Day 7 - The three realms - 30 days of Druidry

Day 7 The three realms – 30 days of druidry

This should have been Day 4 but I had trouble writing it.

The three realms for the ADF are Land, Sea and Sky but I personally think it’s Land, Water and Sky even if it’s not poetic enough for some. 611 more words


Day 6 and 7 photos

This is my shelter on the lake at Singing Pines

On the walk home to the bus

Our Grove and Laura’s totem

This is a sunset from our favourite viwing point

30DOD: I- What religion/spirituality do you follow?

The first question on the list of thirty seems like it would be an easy-peesey one. And for some, it might be. Depending on the audience, I could provide a very short, succinct answer. 384 more words


Day 1 - 30 days of Druidry

30 days of Druidry

Okay here starts the 30 days of Druidry. I reserve the right to change the topics for the days because they are based in ADF and I don’t practice ADF Druidry. 646 more words


Why Druidry?

This is the first in a series of 30 prompts called “30 days of Druidry” please see the other posts under this tag for more. 577 more words

30 Days Of Druidry

30 days of Druidry

Again I’m going to try to do this, lets see how I do with getting up this early and having peaceful time to work on it. 146 more words

30 Days Of Druidry