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The Refrain

The Refrain

Voices, voices, waves of whispers,
Murmurs bellow, spell disdain
Command focus, ask for replies
Demand attention in refrains

Salty tears beg for placation, 94 more words


30 days..I've lost count...I'm way behind...my life is in crisis!

Just to add to my, already, rich and diverse life, Lumo Energy decided to disconnect my electricity, because I hadn’t paid them “enough”.

So I returned from the airport at 7 pm last night, having worked intrastate all day, to find my house in darkness… 93 more words

Day 16: The Root

deep down beneath the earth

buried far under it’s skin

trees cry in agony

at the tightness that has begin

squeezing all the light and hope… 64 more words


Hangman (15/30)

The noose cradles my neck,
A lover pulling close,
Taking my breath,
Speeding my heart.
Coarse rope morphs to calloused hands,
Roughened from honest work. 36 more words


Day 15: No Return

wrapped in ego

woven tight

edge of night

you called

same story

wrong path

empty bottles

full of wrath





If I had my way… 9 more words


a red moon low in the sky (14/30)

there is an animal living inside you,
scratching at the walls of its cage;
you should let it out now
and now
and again:
tell it to go play… 120 more words


Sometimes it is enough

it is enough
to spoon the foam
from the cappuccino of life
to savor the texture
of the smooth
and dance… 6 more words

30 Poems In 30 Days