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Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch's 1999 stage show is as great as it sounds

One one side of Chicago’s Second City stage, Rachel Dratch performs a one-woman show about the 19th-century woman’s rights activist Edwina Garth Burnahm. On the other, Tina Fey monologues about her vagina. 303 more words

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WCT Group Stage: Group H

A work stoppage grinded the gears of the World Cup of Television to a halt for the past week or so. I won’t get into details, but of course the stoppage, the protests, the happy hours and topless sunbathing that occurred was flat out ignored by the main-stream media. 1,135 more words


Day 27 - Somebody to Love

Stop eating people’s old french fries, pigeon. Have some self respect! Don’t you know you can fly?

The opening scenes of this episode flawlessly set us up for the plot to follow. 918 more words

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New Shows Summer 2014

I’m an NBC girl. They’ve hosted some of my favorite shows, most notably “30 Rock” and “Parks and Recreation.” I always watched “The Office” for many years, “Community” for four seasons, “SNL,” and I’ve been watching “Friends” finally, about a decade late. 821 more words

Day 26 - Greenzo

Are you saying actors can’t change the world? Tell that to Sharon Stone.

The only thing i remembered about this episode was that it’s the one with David Schwimmer. 507 more words

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Why most TV shows peak by their third season

LOS ANGELES—Lost. Sons of Anarchy. Grey’s Anatomy. 30 Rock. The Office. Justified. Glee. Parks and Recreation. They are some of the best, most celebrated, and longest-running shows of recent years. 574 more words

Day 25 - Rosemary's Baby

“Come on Liz, it’s the 90s.”

Today’s the first day I almost forgot that I had to do this, and then suddenly I remembered. That seems appropriate, because I had basically forgotten this episode existed, until I rewatched it for the first time about two months ago. 550 more words

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