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31 Day Challenge, Day 21-Inspired by a color

Wow, not only did  my original plans for today get massively derailed, I almost forgot to do a blog post!  Still managed to get it in on time though! 232 more words

Day 21 - Branding


Have a consistent message.

Have a consistent look.

Have a consistent feel.

Most creative businesses (all creative businesses?) are artist-centric, in that the business is about you and your work. 356 more words

31 Day Challenge

31 Day Challenge, Day 20-Watermarbled nails

Why do watermarbled nails have to look so pretty but be such a pain?  They can be so easy to do and turn out great, but the clean up makes it almost not worth it in the end.   249 more words

Day 20 - Gather Proof

Gather Proof

As soon as possible, start to gather proof of customers using and engaging with your service/product.

Stories, photographs, quotes or satisfied customers are your very best advertisement. 262 more words

31 Day Challenge

Double post! SIMPLES week 8-dots within dots, and 31 Day Challenge, Day 19-Galaxy nails

This week’s SIMPLES lesson (here) was on doing dots within dots to create a sort of ringed effect.  This is one type of dotting that I have never really been a fan of.   729 more words

Day 19 - Repeat. Repeatedly.

Repeat. Repeatedly.

There’s not much more to selling really.

  1. Make your work available
  2. Ask people to view it
  3. Ask people to share the word
  4. Make offers to your target audience…
  5. 396 more words
31 Day Challenge

31 Day Challenge, Day 18-Half moons

I had two ideas for today, but finally decided to just pick one instead of making this overly complicated with two (yet again).  Plus my second idea was to turn my half moons into planets, which is a little too close to tomorrow’s theme.   265 more words