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31 Days of Not Giving a F*ck: Day 1

Day 1.

I declare that I will identify 1 thing/item/issue a day that I don’t give a fuck about. Day one’s zero fucks given was to not give a fuck about how people responded to my declaration that I do not give a fuck. 300 more words


31 Days of Not Giving a F*ck

Joe Seeber states that the solution for a stress-reduced life is to stop giving so many fucks. http://www.joeseeber.com/not-giving-a-fuck

I think if this were framed in more fluffy bunny self-help mumbo jumbo “I’m minimizing stressors and seeking a higher sense of being by directing my energy towards more productive paths” then I doubt I’d be facing this resistance. 164 more words


Boo! Day 3.5 and 4.0! The Mystery of My Name ... And My Kid Years...

Hi everyone out on the internet!

So, so, so, so, so. Yesterday, I thought I wrote an entry… But I have been mistaken. I often forget things and confuse things. 978 more words

31 Day Sex Challenge: Day 7

Spring Break is officially over for me, and it’s time to get back to work. Allow me to get you caught up with my activities… 399 more words

Money Challenge #1: $500 in 31 days

In lieu of an introductory post outlying the intents of this blog, I’m just going to dive into a challenge that’s been on my mind: Somehow accrue $500 EXTRA in 31 days. 188 more words




day 14.

from the book 31 days at the barbie cottage…

via porch….

365 Project

31 Day Sex Challenge: Day 6

I’m going to try catching up on my posts. Since I’m on spring break I’ve been super busy! Family always comes first for me!

So last week on Thursday, it was my longest day of the year! 278 more words