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Install Skype on Debian Jessie amd64

I have just installed Debian Jessie (testing) amd64 in my new laptop (it is really stable and the only problem I have is with dual screen). 571 more words


Windows 8.1 .iso Download

I’m sure “No we don’t have any plans to make ISO images available outside of MSDN/Technet subscriptions” by Brandon LeBlanc on 18 October 2013 was amongst the worst promotional material for any Microsoft product. 393 more words

A new (perfect) 3.17.0 kernel for Puppy Linux

I don’t know how useful this info is for the average Puppy Linux user is, but today I have compiled a new perfect (as I think) 3.17.0 kernel for my… 64 more words


Is my processor x32 or x64 bit - Mac OSX

Open the Applications folder or navigate to where Terminal is and allow it to run, then type uname -a and see what it produces. If you are presented with… 33 more words


Ms. Marvel Pixel Art Animated

I’m venturing timidly into animating pixel art.

The Ms. Marvel comic continues to rock my socks every issue. It’s the bees knees, the cat’s pyjamas, simply the ultimate, man. 58 more words


Wayback WHENsday - Guardian Heroes

A little proof on concept tonight with some new streaming hardware.  I picked up a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro off of Amazon and am trying to see if this is the the direction for the future of streaming versus an Elgato.   59 more words

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