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Photography in 33 Words - #2


Photo taken February 2012.

Leaves have veins, just like us. Does that mean they have blood, too? Maybe it runs through their leaves and dances along with the pulse of their branches, green and natural and sweet.


Photography in 33 Words - #1


Photo taken July 2014.

There’s something oddly poetic about a tower of perfectly balanced pebbles; with the smooth-sided stones packed together like building blocks and their neglected brothers scattered on the ground, longing for that elevated purpose.


Photography in 33 Words: #20


It’s amazing what you see if you look hard enough. A sky the colour of dust, and thorns both natural and manmade giving you a grim warning. 6 more words


Regarding Project 365

We all knew it was coming. The first few days were great. “Yeah! I can do this! There’s so much around me to take photos of.” And now, on Day 23 with an image of barbed wire and no inspiration for a 33-word caption, after a few photos that I’ve just been disgusted by (that’s the perfectionist in me) I think I’m going to give up the challenge after the end of August. 356 more words


Photography in 33 Words: #19


What makes you a writer? Are you still a writer if the words you write are mostly rhetorical, used as planning notes and scribbles while the real story remains tight within your imagination?