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Photography in 33 Words: #20


It’s amazing what you see if you look hard enough. A sky the colour of dust, and thorns both natural and manmade giving you a grim warning. 6 more words


Regarding Project 365

We all knew it was coming. The first few days were great. “Yeah! I can do this! There’s so much around me to take photos of.” And now, on Day 23 with an image of barbed wire and no inspiration for a 33-word caption, after a few photos that I’ve just been disgusted by (that’s the perfectionist in me) I think I’m going to give up the challenge after the end of August. 356 more words


Photography in 33 Words: #19


What makes you a writer? Are you still a writer if the words you write are mostly rhetorical, used as planning notes and scribbles while the real story remains tight within your imagination?


Photography in 33 Words: #18


There’s something oddly enjoyable about wandering through rooms filled with plastic food and pristine china, beds made up and laced with gilded quilts. These restored castles provide such a doll-house feel; total immersion.


Photography in 33 Words: #17


Evening walks are always the best, especially when there’s no one else around. She can chase pigeons, circle those walking her, bark loudly and freely. 8 more words


Photography in 33 Words: #16

Another late one! For both of us, this time. Also, apologies for the lack of “regular” posts recently. I hope to return to them soon. 37 more words





“Indian giver.”

That word always made Grandmother shrink. She’d say not one syllable, just hide inside her own skin.

Once, I asked why.

“We Indians give until there’s nothing left to take back.” 71 more words

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