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Project 365x33: #20

Back to daily posts tomorrow, promise!


It’s not often that you have hot chocolate. Well, any hot drinks, really. Where’s the appeal in drinking something scalding in the summer? 11 more words


Project 365x33: #19


There’s something oddly enjoyable about wandering through rooms filled with plastic food and pristine china, beds made up and laced with gilded quilts. These restored castles provide such a doll-house feel; total immersion.


Project 365x33: #18


Evening walks are always the best, especially when there’s no one else around. She can chase pigeons, circle those walking her, bark loudly and freely. 8 more words


Project 365x33: #17

Another late one! For both of us, this time. Also, apologies for the lack of “regular” posts recently. I hope to return to them soon. 37 more words





“Indian giver.”

That word always made Grandmother shrink. She’d say not one syllable, just hide inside her own skin.

Once, I asked why.

“We Indians give until there’s nothing left to take back.” 71 more words

Random Crud

Project 365x33: #16


I’m worried about winter. Months where I’ll get up in the morning and sights like these will be long gone; the sky a blanket of wet and gloomy grey. No sun to catch.


Project 365x33: #15


Back again and the fruits are blushing, proud of their growth. A small intruder pokes his head up between the leaves, spreading his colour wide and towards the sun. The green is dazzling.