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Basil-Almond Pesto

In summer, I need to be fairly aggressive with the perennial basil bush in the centre of my little herb garden as it tends to take over and crowd out the smaller herbs. 214 more words


Almond Butter

This takes a fair amount of time and your poor food processor is going to take some strain – but it is so worth it. You will get a fabulously smooth, creamy nut butter. 323 more words


Uses for Almond Meal

The byproduct of making almond milk is almond meal, which can be stored in the freezer for ages. If you don’t want o end up with hundreds of little bags of light-brown dirt cluttering your freezer, you will need to find some uses for the almond meal. 133 more words


Project 333: A long time coming

I have been thinking a lot the past few months about simplifying my life so that I have more time for me, more time to be with my family and more time to get everything done. 613 more words


Almond Milk (and variations)

As almonds are the only nut on my 33 list, I am going to make them count. Apart from being snacks on their own (either dried or soaked in water overnight), I plan to use them to make milk and butter. 313 more words


French Pickle

This recipe is another family favourite, introduced by an aunt who married into a Mauritian family. It is traditionally made in December, when the hot months can be employed to dry out the vegetables. 435 more words