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Nume: Mihaela
Poreclă: Ella
Data naşterii: 28 mai
Culoarea ochilor: Albastri
Culoarea părului: Dark blonde
Înălţime: 1.70 
Greutate: 65.5 kg
Piercinguri: Nu
Tatuaje: Nu… 292 more words

Blog 1 Act 1

The theme for this blog is Electronic Dance Music (or EDM as it has come to be known (I hate that name)). It will be focused on new music, new artists, the community, the events and the festivals worldwide. 317 more words

March 20, 2014 - A Triple 3 Day

Today is a 3 day in a 3 calendar week in the 3rd month of the year.

3+2+7=1+2 = 3
Calendar week #12  (1+2=3)
March = 3… 429 more words

Angel numbers/Numerology

Ever looked at the clock at exactly 11:11 or looked at your receipt and saw $9.99 or randomly look at a license plate and saw 7777 or even a house address 333.You may think it’s a coincidence and ignore it. 416 more words

A galaxy in my morning coffee cup

There was a GALAXY in my coffee cup

this morning

if you, like me, are following the path

this is point we feel peace & laugh… 67 more words