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Analysis: Andrew Del Rio

Here is an examination done by Lord of Admirals to provide more understanding of Caption Del Rio as a Character and his actions.


Examination: Dawn A Study of Similarities

Lord Of Admirals Breaks Down the unnoticed relations Halo 4′s opening level “Dawn” has with its predecessors in the previous Games.


Theory:The Lesser Ark is a WMD

The Ark. A place of infinite wonder and beauty. A technological marvel, even for the Forerunners. It was the galaxy’s salvation. Thousands upon thousands of lifeforms were stored on the Ark as our galaxy lay lifeless, starved of conflict. 1,294 more words


Analysis: Thematic breakdown of Halo 4

Our friend Haruspis decided to evaluate each and every  level of Halo 4 in order to Highlight the sub-themes which may be missed rather easily. 10 more words


Analysis: Master Chief and the Didact

The Didact’s character has been subject to lots of controversy in the Halo community. Many fans have tried to prove that he is given a proper explanation while others argue the opposite. 1,229 more words


Analysis: The Possible Retribution and Impossible Pragmatism of Catherine Halsey

With the release of the Kilo-5 Saga, many members of the fanbase seem to have completely forgotten the events that lead to the creation of the Spartan II-III projects and why they had to be done on children. 5,064 more words


Analysis: Sarah Palmer

This post is to get behind Spartan Sarah Palmer and further elaborate on why her character isn’t generally liked. While her prowess as an ODST might be worth praising, is that the only requirement to be a Spartan?