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35 weeks bump

CRAVING: Cheese sandwiches with veggies & horseradish, chocolate ice cream, and sour candy.

AVERSIONS: Same ol’ stuff.

EXCITED ABOUT: Our stroller arrived today!

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35 Weeks

We’ve made a little more progress with Andie’s room! Don’t have any photos to share because I’d rather  wait until I have a few more things and it looks more together but here’s what we’ve done this past week: 748 more words

My Pregnancy: 35 week update

Can you believe that this girl has grown from being the size of a plum to almost 6 POUNDS of baby?! I know kids that were born weighing less than 6 pounds, which means I’m officially carrying around an almost full sized newborn at this point. 1,106 more words


35 weeks....everything hurts.





Thank goodness for weekends….I need to reboot for next week.  Teaching 1st grade is just about killing me at this stage in the game!  It takes me HOURS to fall asleep bc of all my aches in pains in all my parts!   19 more words

35 weeks

I don’t have anything emotionally moving or spiritual to say this week. I’ve just been reflecting on how quickly this pregnancy has passed and how gracious God has been to give me the exact opposite of what I anticipated: a complication and anxiety-free pregnancy. 1,787 more words

Baby Shower

We had the most wonderful baby shower this weekend thanks to my mom and sister! Also, shout out to CJ’s mom and sister as well who helped them set up the bridal shower and organized the games! 210 more words

Our Family

The Day in a life of being pregnant

I used to do journals like this a few years ago. I am hoping that if I do them every once in a while I can have an even more positive outlook on my upcoming life and changes. 259 more words