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Three Weeks Ago Today. . .Part 1

Babybelle surprised us by arriving 5 weeks early on November 1 at 11:53 AM via C-section! It has taken me 3 weeks to sit down between feedings, diaper changes, and just loving my baby to write her very long birth story but here I go! 2,032 more words


35 week update!

Baby size: 18ish inches and 5ish lbs. All elbows and knees and feetsies.

Weight change: I weigh myself and I’m +5lbs but my doctor weighed me at +3lbs on Monday. 464 more words

35 Weeks Bump Update!

I’m finally at the less than 30 day mark! Lil B will be here in less than a month! I finally feel like I’m at the point where I’m not quite as anxious to get him out now because I know I’m so close. 530 more words

Bump Update

35 weeks

Little late on this week’s update!  But, for good reason!  I got to spend some time with my kid sister last night.  The silver lining of having to travel for training over the coming weeks is that it means we some time together.  892 more words

Mini M

Let's play the waiting game!

After the confusion that has been the last three days of my life, I decided today is the day I was going to go see a doctor to get a pathology slip for blood work. 620 more words

My Favourite Products for Pregnancy!

Since my pregnancy is coming to an end in a few weeks, I wanted to share a few of the amazing products that have helped me get through the last 35 weeks! 691 more words

Baby Bump Updates

35 weeks: 10 reasons pregnancy is exactly like training for a marathon

35 weeks; you have arrived.  While this past nearly 9 months have been some of the best and weirdest times of my life, I am looking forward to the day the baby comes and we can both love each other but in separate bodies:) As this is my first baby, I’m still mystified at the strength of it’s kicks and movement in my stomach- I wonder if that ever gets old. 303 more words