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My Favourite Products for Pregnancy!

Since my pregnancy is coming to an end in a few weeks, I wanted to share a few of the amazing products that have helped me get through the last 35 weeks! 691 more words

Baby Bump Updates

35 weeks: 10 reasons pregnancy is exactly like training for a marathon

35 weeks; you have arrived.  While this past nearly 9 months have been some of the best and weirdest times of my life, I am looking forward to the day the baby comes and we can both love each other but in separate bodies:) As this is my first baby, I’m still mystified at the strength of it’s kicks and movement in my stomach- I wonder if that ever gets old. 303 more words

Weeks 34-35 - Reality Sets In

So, I’m officially on maternity leave from work and thank goodness for that! I’ve been so tired and so uncomfortable these days, which is part of the reason for not getting a blog post up last week. 551 more words


35 & 36 Weeks

35 Weeks | 8  months ~Sept 21 – 27th

36 Weeks | 9  months! ~Sept 28 – October 4th

Approximate Length: 19-22 inches?   |   … 2,186 more words

NICU - remembering, adjusting, surviving

The fact that both my boys were born at 35 weeks is an rather odd coincidence for me. In some ways having had a baby in NICU has made it easier this time round. 535 more words

Baby Development

Pregnancy is Hard (Week 35 Update + Bump Shot)

A small disclaimer to this week’s post… pregnancy hit me hard this week. Not just a little… more like a freight train crashing into a brick wall. 680 more words

Baby Elliott

"Have a meatball and go into labor"

As the arrival of the twins approaches my urge to “nest” is at an all time high, but bed rest trumps my to-do list. Now that I’m 35 weeks I’ve been given the green light to move around a bit more, but my doctors really want me to make it to 36 weeks so I’m continuing to keep my feet up. 540 more words