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Pregnancy is Hard (Week 35 Update + Bump Shot)

A small disclaimer to this week’s post… pregnancy hit me hard this week. Not just a little… more like a freight train crashing into a brick wall. 680 more words

Baby Elliott

"Have a meatball and go into labor"

As the arrival of the twins approaches my urge to “nest” is at an all time high, but bed rest trumps my to-do list. Now that I’m 35 weeks I’ve been given the green light to move around a bit more, but my doctors really want me to make it to 36 weeks so I’m continuing to keep my feet up. 540 more words


Pregnancy: Week 35

Hi, there! Just like that, we’re at 35 (and ½) weeks. Last night we had our final childbirth education class; this one was on breastfeeding and newborn care. 1,239 more words


I am not a cute little pregnant lady. And I'm okay with that.

The title to this one says it all.

It’s something I’ve struggled to come to terms with for the past 4+ years.

I am not a cute little pregnant lady. 751 more words


Visit from Grandma-to-be...

I think I can confidently say we are ready for baby! My mom visited this weekend and we checked off almost everything I felt we had left! 731 more words

35 Weeks: Thoughts from a Wandering Brain

You know you’re really large and round when sitting close enough to the table to not drip all over your belly results in indentation lines from the edge of the table in your skin. 128 more words

Life lately

…and then the summer was over. :)

Hi guys,

I hope you are all doing well! I just had a moment and decided to check in here, and yap your ears/eyes off with my favorite (to do) random thoughts posts. 503 more words