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350Z Part 3

I have completed the majority of the body, all that is left is the fine details such as the windows and lights. I will also need to smoothen the vehicle and create rims for the car.


350Z Part 2

I have comleted what I’d describe the hood and wheel arch of the car and am now beginning to work on the side and back of the car.


350Z Part 1

I am presently embarking on a journey, a journey to develop my skills as a 3D modeller, to do this I must hone my skills through practice. 33 more words


Z Car Garage 10th Anniversary Meet

Now that we have finished posting the photos from our trip to San Francisco we can get onto our next topic. The same day we went to San Francisco BCG Austin took his car to the Z Car Garage 10th Anniversary Meet in San Jose. 564 more words

#626Drift Event 4/5/14

So this day was another great day. Although it started a little rocky for some of us, Garage Life started on fire and while everyone outside was running for water, I was running to my phone to try and catch some flames… this is what I got;   … 467 more words


Got Fancy With The Spray Gun

It all started yesterday when my hands got the itch to paint something. So I started sanding my roof and rear view mirrors and thought to myself ‘how can I make this super badass?’ LACE. 44 more words


The SSR Club

Like the title suggests…SSR all the cars! It’s pretty crazy to see all five of these “fitted” cars rocking different SSR wheel models.

And just in case you guys are wondering, here’s the list of wheel models by car: 25 more words