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この一枚のあと黒いマスタングを数枚(#1, #2)撮ったのでした・・・


LeicaA(c) Elmar f=5cm/Ilford Pan F

カラーは こちら



One day you wake up and there’s ice on the windshield, the wind comes howling from the north across Lake Michigan, trying to intimidate you into leaving, but then there’s the colour of the leaves, orange and red amongst the green. 472 more words


My Eclectic Style

There is no doubt, I have an eclectic style. I guess I try to photograph some of the most important people or things that are important to me. 47 more words


It's Long Division

I’m not really a hiker. There are definitely some trails that I’d like to do, but we never seem to have the time to do them. 162 more words


Two days of Sun

After being in hiatus for more than 10 days, the sun finally shone on little Denmark. It gave us two straight days of sun before getting caught up behind the ever-heavier grey cloudy blanket that seems to hang only inches above your head, persistently  suffocating and pressing you towards the ground. 28 more words

Black And White

Fuji X the vital ingredient for Restaurant shoot

This week I had the task of shooting a few photographs at the soon to be opened Turtle Bay restaurant in Preston, England. It’s a Caribbean themed restaurant and the idea was to go in an grab a few interior shots ahead of the opening event later in the week. 103 more words