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360 Panoramic Lab

Today in Digital Imaging we were given the assignment of a 360 degree panoramic. Chelsea, Elizabeth, and I set off into Asheboro to find a good location for a panoramic where we could get something interesting and a location where we could capture everything without cutting anything off on the top. 110 more words

IKO Introduces improveit! 360 System to ShieldPRO plus+ Program Contractors

IKO Introduces improveit! 360 System to ShieldPRO plus+ Program Contractors She encourages professional roofing contractors who are interested in this, and the many more benefits of being an IKO ShieldPRO pMore The post IKO Introduces improveit! 18 more words

The Northern Lights at the Old Larson Ranch

The northern lights dance, and light the pioneer homes at the old Larson Ranch in Grasslands National Park.

What a night this was! I arrived at the Larson Ranch site in the Frenchman River valley to shoot some Milky Way panoramas, when, right on cue, the aurora broke loose. 191 more words

Alan Dyer

That moment when a shopper’s movements break down under excessive spatial stimulation (I'm all lost in the supermarket)

“This mall is designed to send you in loopy, convoluted orbits. Its real geography is the space-time pretzel logic of contemporary physics, where each shopper is never more than thirty seconds away from fashion apparel, never more than two minutes from a children’s store, a sports shop, a high-tech gewgaw, a sugar buzz.

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The 5 Levels of Gamer

Level 1:

Non gamers can be like fully fledged atheists. They couldn’t comprehend your religion even if they tried.

They have no childhood ties to video games, they still think computers are just a fad and their Nokia 3220 has a game on it called snake they will never play. 782 more words


Body Parts

Body Parts I have Wondered About

Eye Color

The amount of melanin in our irises (the colored part of the eye) helps determine its color. But since melanin itself is black or very dark brown, how can we get blue eyes? 498 more words