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Dragon's Den Halloween Month: Dark Souls

Dark Souls

Challenging and Addictive

When Dark Souls first came out, I heard nothing but of how challenging the game was and how others couldn’t get past the various areas of the game. 2,027 more words


Confusion Rules

I am Puzzled

I do not know why but I have puzzles swirling in my bothered head,

I want to know the who’s and what’s, what happens when you’re dead? 216 more words

A Slice Of Life

Recent releases worth looking at

The past few months have seen the release, or in one case a re-release, of some pretty excellent games.Here’s just a few of them. 878 more words

Video Game

Element of time

There is never time to do what we want and yet when we do it time goes faster. An hour is an hour. Therefore there must be a fast hour and a slow hour. 240 more words


The Fad

It was the fad of the day and everyone was into it,

It spread like wildfire but was it something good and fit.

And everyone talked about it and it was the rage of the day, 138 more words


Retread on a hitchhiker.

A Wise Decision or Not?

I will tell you a story and want your input. It is true although I may have overreacted. I was driving from the college where I was teaching a night class back to my home. 645 more words


I took a chance

I took a chance,

It was just a small thing.

I gave mankind one more chance,

They flubbed it and yet I still hesitated.

I gave them a flood and let them start anew, 47 more words