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A rant with no direction.

I am madder as a hatter at my bladder,

It wants to burst with the poison of food and drink.

It is like the dirty dishes at home that float on grease on my sink. 159 more words


Welcome and welcome back...

Hello fellow readers, bloggers & gamers.

Firstly I should introduce myself. Or if you were a user of the sadly demised website yourgamercards, I will reintroduce myself. 242 more words


A thought on Life

Into each life there is comedy and tragedy and they mingle,

The thought process tries to separate them but they intermingle,

Tangled are the webs of life, and sometimes they make little sense, 171 more words


the Love of the CAR

We are fascinated by the fast car and even the concept of speed,

It is in the quote by Tom Cruise, “I have the need for the speed.” 189 more words


The Cars that made you move, at least in your mind.

The fascination with the car.

Our movies and television have mirrored this fascination. Man movies maybe, but there is something about the mechanical robot that rises the back of the hairs of a male. 456 more words


The Puzzle of Life at Halloween

Mother Mary stomped on the canary and so ended the little life,

It chirped at the end and did take offend to a new height. 165 more words


Matza, the miracle food.

A Jewish delicacy or nightmare on Pitt Street.


Matzah brei (Yiddish: מצה ברײַ; Hebrew: מצה בריי‎, matzah brei, or מצה מטוגנת, … 385 more words