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6/365 - Wishing You A Macro Christmas

I wanted to create a Christmas image that would not be too tacky or catchy. How to go about it I wondered? When in doubt, I turn to my beloved macro lens. 69 more words


5/365 - Just Because

Today, I could not get a shot I was pleased with. I guess there will be days like that. This iPhone photo is mediocre at best, but I still decided to post it. 53 more words


4/365 - Frost Flakes

How I love natural filters! Raindrops on a window are definitely one of my favorites. Magic of winter: raindrops turn to amazing frost flakes. How can one hate winter when winter creates wonderful, magical little things like that?


3/365 - Art Is Freedom

I visited my friend Maryse today. Maryse is a great artist. Since I have known her I have developed a better appreciation of art. I love spending time in her studio, talking to her about her art. 69 more words


2/365 - Falling With A Vengeance

Today the snow is back, falling with a vengeance, covering this little part of the world with a beautiful white fluffy carpet.

~Les jours se suivent mais, ne se ressemblent guère~ 33 more words


1/365 Ever Changing Snow

Today is the beginning of something very daunting. In an effort to bring some discipline and some much-needed practice everyday with photography, I am staring a 365-Day Project. 69 more words


Year 2: Day 69 - No Time For Dreams

Vertical pillow on the left-hand side,
just enough space for a dream,

but who has time for dreams anymore,

Man on the corner selling drugs needs gas; 87 more words


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