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Fat letters

I used to be a calligrapher, and actually spent quite a bit of time studying different lettering styles. Because I also used to be a drafter (or draftsman, or draftsperson) and once had a job where we had to fill up any empty time by practicing lettering, calligraphy came pretty easy to me. 62 more words


A bigger picture

Because we here at One Day | One Image try to provide as much information as possible (and some of it may, from time to time, be factual!), and because we were sure you’d want to know what the entire front of the building looked like, here is the whole thing. 28 more words


Spring Has Sprung, and Photographers Unite!

The Spring flowers are finally starting to bloom and they are so pretty!

Funny story actually, I was sitting in my front yard, camera to my face when a guy in a truck drives by with a smile on his face giving me a thumbs-up. 96 more words


Photo 109/365 - R is for Rabbit | Rest | Rake

Today I went a bit over bored with photos relating to R, it is a public holiday so I did “Fun” work. The first photo was raking up the leaves in the driveway – the Pin Oak in the next door neighbours property is dropping its leaves and acorns by the bucket load. 203 more words

365 Photo Project

Photo 108/365 - Q is for Quince

When I woke up yesterday morning and realised I had to do the letter Q today – my mind went into panic! However I quickly realised I was not playing scrabble and it was not the end of the world. 152 more words

365 Photo Project