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Considering this week has been a bit of a blah week. Did you read my post on Tuesday? I am convinced I must be feeling the effects of Mercury Retrograde or something because everything has been a hassle the last few days. 425 more words

Kate McClafferty

9 / 52

“a portrait of my child, once a week, every week″

This was the look Frank gave us when we returned to a home turned upside and covered in dirt… 7 more words

Kate McClafferty

mercury retrograde???

Monday June 23rd was a day from hell despite the fact I woke up in a glorious mood. But by the end of the day I was convinced that I was either being punished by the devil or feeling the effects of Mercury Retrograde. 398 more words

Kate McClafferty

weekend snapshots : 1


1- Frankie hoarding tennis balls at the dog park. The other dogs don’t stand a chance against Frank.

2 – Friday night cooking. Nothing says summer like rose wine and heirloom tomatoes… 78 more words

Kate McClafferty

Halong Bay : day two

On our second day in Halong Bay, Brian set his alarm for the crack of dawn to take pictures of the bay in the early morning light. 624 more words

Kate McClafferty

wait...your 33 or my 33???

Many moons ago, before Brian and I were even engaged….actually, it might have even been before we were even living together, but both knew that we were most likely going to end up together, we talked babies. 339 more words

Kate McClafferty

date day : 6. 14. 14

Since returning from our honeymoon our schedules have been busy…Brian is back to working 10 hour days, I’m back to work as well (although I’ve never worked a 10 hour day. 503 more words

Kate McClafferty