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365 grateful: Day 243

Had a lovely, relaxing brunch with one of my besties on this gorgeous plat and flower filled patio. Alastor is still ┬árefusing to eat or drink anything on his own, so I’m syringe feeding him and keeping a close eye on him. 7 more words

365 grateful: Day 242

Alastor had increased swelling around his incision overnight and the sutures popped this morning leading to bleeding. So he went back to the vet, got some fluids, is back on antibiotics, and has to wear his collar again, but he’s still a happy, playful, itty-bitty kitty!

365 grateful: Day 241

Alastor got to come home today! He had fun exploring, meeting his new family, an snuggling! <3 :-)


Spring! After that rather long and dreary winter it deserves an exclamation. Hooray is all I can say – the days are getting lighter, the Daffodils are thinking about poking their heads out, and I spent yesterday with the most inspiring bunch of woman picnicking in the sun at the Botanical Gardens… heck I’m feeling grateful and blessed from all sides! 138 more words

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365 grateful: Day 239

Today was my turn to go to the vet and snuggle Alastor. Almost time to bring him home!!! <3