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Baby Update: 37.5 Weeks

Our babe’s due date is September 19th, 2014. So seeing as this little critter could show up say… any minute, or, in as long as a month from now, I thought it might be time for an update on what’s happening over here on the baby front. 515 more words

37 Week Bumpdate

(How INSANELY adorable is this stuffed animal from my friend, Ali?! Also…I thrifted this amazing child-sized hand painted rocking chair this week for $10!) 460 more words

Dearly Noted


So this happened!! Our little bean grew into a watermelon!! We have been naming our babe and tracking it’s growth in utero by fruit and veggie size, and I remember joking about being scared that one day our little peach will be a watermelon – well today Melly is a watermelon! 32 more words


15 Ways Pregnancy Makes You Feel Like an Old Lady

At 37 weeks pregnant I’ve come to sympathize with all the old ladies out there.

Let me explain:

  1. Getting down and especially up never seemed so hard.
  2. 326 more words
Dearly Noted

Full term.


It’s the eve of two weeks to go. I’m fairly certain I’ve never been so anxious for anything to occur in my entire life as I am for this Guppy to decide he’s ready to make his big debut. 1,058 more words


37 weeks!!!!

I can not believe that I only have 2 weeks left ( at most ). I have had 2 previous c-section so a 3rd is the safest path for me. 302 more words


Weeks 37

Assalamualaikum, Guys!


The baby is now 37 weeks’ old .. Yeaaaay can’t wait til the time we meet yaa Lil Kiddo :*

Selasa kemarin balik kontrol lagi ke rumah sakit buat kontrol, dan ini perkembangannya : 314 more words