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"NERO" 3d Fish experiment

After some yr i reopened some 3d program and this is my result :D

this is nero the charechter of OCEAN WILD LIFE (game)

so first you can see the 2d animation of Nero… 56 more words

Andrea Caliendi



From earlier today, the scene of a project in progress. My roommate politely turned on the light for me, for I was already settled in my bed, and then left. 103 more words


Coming soon: 3D printable solar panels


Printable solar panels are going to be available to us very soon and could power “entire skyscrapers,” Australian researchers say. The very near future will see personal electronic charging transformed, but the potential is growing quickly. 347 more words


Character Rotation Sheet (Revisions)

UPDATE: Image will be updated when I get to a scanner

Landon comes from a world known as Terra, which is similar to earth in that it’s inhabitants are (mostly) human, but the biggest difference is that on Terra, magic (referred to by inhabitants as aether) exists in the very atmosphere. 434 more words


CLE Arts Prize Winner: La Wilson


Here is my review on an artist who, regardless of what I write, is an honored lady in the field of visual arts. I had never heard of her, La Wilson, prior to this assignment, but I love her creative style. 133 more words


I Made a Thing

Allowing me to choose which module I wanted to make an art piece composition with, I chose a triangular pipe shape. I only worked with this one module and varied it in length throughout the piece, so it was definitely repetitive. 188 more words