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Generac: Just a Drop

To communicate the value of Generac’s backup power generators in a weather emergency, marketing firm Bader Rutter and DK transported viewers into the heart of a storm. 61 more words


Me Again

I was assigned multiple posts “about me” so consider this an add on to my first post and it has a picture of me. This year I am taking three studio art classes, 2D Composition, 3D Composition, and Drawing I. 105 more words



First blog post, so the topic is going to be me. Starting at the beginning, I was born in China. At two and a half years old, I was adopted and flown to live in the Cleveland area, North Olmsted specifically. 98 more words


Jaya! Jaya! Jaya! Majapahit!

Jaya! Jaya! Majapahit!
Hara! Hara! Mahadewa!
Jagad Bhatara!

kalimat-kalimat yang sering digunakan pada masa Majapahit.
masa dimana seharusnya masyarakat Nusantara yang kini bernama Indonesia harus belajar darinya. 123 more words


Bioengineers build 3D tissue mimicking brain structure


A group of US scientists have managed to create a three-dimensional brain-like tissue featuring structural similarities to rat brain. Researchers hope that the new tissue could be used in the development of new treatments for brain dysfunctions. 225 more words

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