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A military-grade drone that can be printed anywhere


We have 3-D printed keys, guns and shoes—now a research team at the University of Virginia has created a 3D printed UAV drone for the Department of Defense. 365 more words

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Chris Gilmour

To make a piece of artwork so detailed that it is a recognizable fabrication of a real object is a major accomplishment. Then, add in the fact that the material used is so ordinary and Chris Gilmour comes to mind as someone who pulls this off. 152 more words


Thursday 25.09.2014 in review.

It’s been a while since I last looked at this blog… I definitely should give it more love. Also, I probably should start showing off things I don’t really want to show off in sites like deviantArt, Pixiv, Youtube or even Niconico Douga… 992 more words


The Process of Creation

What is pictured here does not compare to the effort that has been going into this project. The biggest struggle that will never be captured is walking from the Art Annex to Tri-Towers with such big cardboard and delicate strips of cardboard. 211 more words


Project Numero Dos

The second project we had to complete was almost an extension of the first, except only by one factor. Basically we had to challenge ourselves to use the module we already used for project one and then change everything else. 185 more words


Dremel releases a 3D printer for the masses


Dremel has announced the first 3D printer to come from a major tool manufacturer, the $999 Dremel 3D Idea Builder. Dremel called it a desktop machine for the masses. 165 more words

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