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A first attempt at 3D Art

So today, I finally watched the ending to the (Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing) Anime known to all as, none other than, Tokyo Ghoul. Only I later (about 30 seconds later to be exact) found out that there supposedly is a season 2 in the making! 324 more words



Day 261 – September 20. PSD>3D object, filter liquify, layer effect.

Finally, progress is made!

I’ve vented on here lately about playing with 3d rendering software, and I’ve finally got something besides the cover for book three to show for all the effort; With no further ado, here’s the character sketch I’ve done for Chrysaor the Golden, the Defender, Arch-Reeve, Demigod, and brother to Pegasus the winged horse. 19 more words

The 3D Art Process, Part Two

Welcome to the second part of the “behind the scenes” look the lengthy process involved in making the upcoming render I titled “The Customer Is Always Right.” 1,811 more words


Alex Concept art (For the Sunday Funnys)

I am currently in the process of creating new models for Alex and Cruz. I did this painting to see where I could push the character. 233 more words


The Creation of Andi Histermine

Like a bitch-funky sex machine…it’s Andi Histermine!

It’s about time I updated my blog, especially with more game art. This is my character I created for our 2nd assignment for year 2 at AIE. 111 more words