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Winners are Grinners

Below is a link to a site called IheartthisApp, where you will find a game I developed some assets for. It would be great if you could check it out and like the App. 26 more words

Digital Art

The Digital Painting Debate

For a while now I have been studying various online sources to develop my artistic repertoire, and I have been seeing a lot of information about digital painting. 108 more words


3D Art Challenges

I make 3D art as a hobby. Most of my scenes are ancillary to the stories I write, either as illustrations of side concepts, or to flesh out a character’s personality. 897 more words


Art and Other Things

This is probably going to end up long.  I’m trying to put my thoughts together, and “talking it out” seems to help.

I ended up spending a bit more time on depths than I intended over the last weekend, but I think it’s overall going to be well worth it.   893 more words

Check Out The World Of 'Futurama' Beautifully Rendered In 3-D

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Futurama ended on a high note last year after a long, sometimes wobbly existence on television. For some it was the next best thing to classic episodes of… 123 more words


Space Flotsam

That was the best name for this piece, it looks like bits of floating space “junk”…and besides it was a (fairly) quick practice piece I was sure I would have to throw away…but then I changed my mind!



The inspiration behind works of art comes from many unexpected sources, which only serves to let others marvel at the versatility of the artists mind. To be inspired by China’s Terracotta Army with its fearsome life size ceramic warriors and translate this into modern art Spong’urs, which portray the theme of love is both revealing and intriguing. 245 more words

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