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Beautiful South

Wander down South Terrace in South Fremantle and you are transported to exotic places across the globe. You can see India, China, France and Africa all via the medium of Trompe-l’œil. 72 more words

South Fremantle

█║▌RoxanneMcKee - PH ║▌║® - SHOT #01#

[ .. ] .. The hardest thing in photography is to stay simple .. [ .. ]

RoxanneMcKee photographer, was born just for fun. With the desire to experiment. 99 more words



Day 351 – Dec 19. Sometimes, it feels like there is a story behind some images. What could it be? 3D art is definitely a story telling tool somewhere… PZB>Cone, sphere. PSD>layer effect.

Year 2014

Preparing for 2015

Thirteen days. Thirteen days until the calendar flips and the year 2014 joins 1936, 1811, 1602, and 734 as the past. With the seasonal giants of Yule and Christmas still casting their red and green lights from the future onto today, why am I writing about the new year? 1,435 more words



Day 350 – Dec 18. The glass gallery…. PZB>3Dcone, layer brush. PSD>3D postcard, filters, layer effect.

Year 2014


Day 349 – Dec 17. Objects that never were… PZB>3dterrain, deformation. PSD>extraction, layer effect.

Year 2014

Yuletide Greetings

Aura Lockhaven wishes you a blessed and magical Yule and a very merry Christmas.