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Virtual Reality Applications in Medicine

Virtual reality has several advantages over conventional systems in medical, surgical and dentistry fields. Robotic surgery has proven successful. Medical students learn Anatomy and surgery using VR devices. 179 more words

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Jobe : Product Description : 03

Our edge is that our product Jobe will be designed better than the current devices available. Jobe VR will fit virtually all smartphones on the market where others are limited. 124 more words

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Jobe : Product Description : 02

Product is both Novel and Innovative

The virtual reality smartphone headset is both novel and extremely innovative as the industry is really just at the very beginnings stages due to the technology is now  sophisticated enough in smartphones to provide a new viewing entertaining experience of immersive virtual reality. 77 more words

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Jobe : Product Description : 01

The product that we call Jobe is a smartphone headset device or head mounted display (HMD) designed to adapt the majority of smartphones currently available on the market to provide an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience. 71 more words

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Virtual Reality Applications in Military

Virtual Reality has been adopted in advanced countries by defense services whether it is army, or navy or air force. Military training is one of the first area where you can find its practical application. 138 more words

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Far Cry 4

Release info:

Release year : 2014
Genre : Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Developer : Ubisoft Montréal
Publisher : Ubisoft Entertainment
Publication Type : RePack… 248 more words


History of Virtual Reality

People think that the Virtual Reality concept is something new but the idea of Virtual Reality began well before the advent of the computer. Here are some key dates, people and their inventions/efforts to make the virtual reality a reality: 176 more words

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