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Captain America 2: Winter Soldier

The movie was awesome, especially since It was in Imax 3D. I can’t wait till the next movie comes out!

3D Glasses

365 grateful: Day 97


Since our Saturday got mesed up, we’re having our date night now, starting with seeing Captain America in 3D!

How to make classic 3D glasses and 3D text

Making a classic pair of 3D glasses is much easier than you think–and so is the 3D text that aquatints it. You don’t need any fancy technology to replicate those 3D effects you see on the Big Screens. 631 more words


VGT - Sega Master System in 3D

After discovering some Master System 3D glasses in a box filled with Game Gear items, I was driven to find some 3D games for the Sega Master System.   68 more words

Video Games

3D & Digital Cinemas in Europe & Russia

Do you guys remember the time when 3D cinema appeared on the horizon? ‘Wow! Awesome!”,  everyone said. Now more and more movies are screened in 3D and we consider this as pretty much the normal way things should be. 97 more words


11Mar14 - Kind of a crazy week...but getting it in under the wire.

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the missed purge last night but we had some things hit home last night that threw everything pretty off. I’ve regrouped and back at it tonight. 258 more words


How 3D-glasses work

In order to see things in 3D each eye must see a slightly different picture. This is done in the real world by your eyes being spaced apart so each eye has its own slightly different view. 221 more words