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Experience 3D Immersion

The BenQ 3D glasses D2 will give you a stunning 3D experience. Just pop in your 3D content and enjoy an unforgettable show. Home entertainment has never been so exciting. 41 more words

Fizz, Boom, READ! Invention Convention

Paper/Plastic cup telephones: This craft required quite a bit of adult assistance, but it was so neat to see the kids and adults playing with the finished product.  327 more words

At The Library

3D Glasses a Technology Worth the Wait

From the first moment that the a two dimensional screen was introduced to show movies on the back wall of a warehouse enthusiasts have pondered how the images on that wall could become more real; so real you could almost touch the actors on the screen. 312 more words

3D Glasses

How 3D are Designed, How They Work

3D glasses are perhaps one of the most amazing inventions of mankind since photography itself. Basically, they work by “separating” portions of your eyeballs so that each one is seeing a slightly different picture. 253 more words

3D Glasses

Eyes-On With The Oculus Rift

Real Talk By: KJ

Once we hit the graphical plateau in gaming, what’s next? Most likely Virtual Reality/Holographic styles of play. It’s crazy to think about. 269 more words


[Comics] DPT: Gift for Monty

A new comic! Timbo and his pals have a gift for Monty!

While my comics usually are based off of  real life events, this comic here is just RANDOM. 49 more words