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Space Flotsam

That was the best name for this piece, it looks like bits of floating space “junk”…and besides it was a (fairly) quick practice piece I was sure I would have to throw away…but then I changed my mind!


Mandelbulb Play

Was trying to come up with something deliberately simple in order to practice with Depth of Field which I still have not gotten the hang of…my hardware is too slow anyway :( … 60 more words


ABox_Icen1 and AmazingSurf Mix

I am so chuffed about this one… When having problems getting designs in Navigator to the main View without them constantly falling apart, I was advised to make some changes to the raystep multiplier and stepwidth limiter which I believe are the defaults. 110 more words


Spiky Sphere

More heightmap play…and more discoveries, what fun!



This is a furniture design presentation board which shows a multipurpose furniture which caters design student for a new hybrid prototype workspace. The furniture comes in various colours and built using recycle components. 67 more words


Apollo3D and Knots2 Hexagon Design

I had something else going using this IFS mix, but I have learned that if something looks only “okay” it might be improved on… That is what happened here, I tweaked for awhile longer until that “aahh!” moment arrived :) Not a lot of color here, no fancy lighting, but I find that if objects in an image are symmetrical, it might be wise to leave the lighting very basic… Makes my job easier too!