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My first 3D modelling render (3D Max 2011)

3 years back. I was experimenting with 3d max 2011. Designed Ford Mustang


Progress, if nothing else!

  It dawned on me that I did not post a single thing since… well, since forever! And I’ve been busy, you know? Attending to fabulous parties, drinking alcohol before 10 am, having rock stars for breakfast and movie stars for dinner (’cause who has time for lunch, right?), wearing heels and ginormous bags while chewing a gum and basically looking bored in fantastic surroundings. 104 more words


Project Wasteland – Take 2

Some additional items that may or may not continue to exist as I move towards my clean up project.

Borg Style
While not really a Borg ship it obviously is influenced by one. 137 more words

3d Max

Project Wasteland - Take 1

I have been going through my copious and broadly distributed (Dropbox, old laptop, thumb drives, etc.) CG folders recently. I am attempting to consolidate my projects in one place and properly categorize them. 192 more words

3d Max

More Harrington ships

So little time, so much I want to do, no ability to stay on point.

Yes, I have modelling ADD. Really.

With that said, I have done more work on my Harrington novels fleet. 150 more words

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