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Oh, and another thing:

…I forgot to show you how all those things from yesterday go together!

I’m getting old, I know. But you know what? It feels great! :D

3D Modeling

Honorverse Redux – Part 6

Another basic update to end the week. I completed the major textures along with bump and specular mapping. The render here is just that done to see how it looks. 25 more words

3d Max

Honorverse Redux – Part 5

Closing out the week.

Worked on the ‘hammer’ sections and some final tweaks on the main hull texture. Still just the diffuse map. Also applied color to the main sensors. 53 more words

3d Max

Honorverse Redux – Part 4

A correct title sequence this time around :)

So, again, minor update on the texture. I have the ‘wrap’ for the sides and top / bottom section of the hull complete. 59 more words

3d Max

All Students are Artists....

If you have ideas and imagery, technique will follow!

Creativity is a gift that should not be bound by ignorance; if you think you have it in you, get up and give it those wings of imagination that cover the sky of opportunities for you. 361 more words