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Introducing Metaio Advanced Partner: 3D Studio Blomberg

Alongside Metaio’s community of over 100,000 developers, Metaio also works with some great partners in our “Advanced Solution Provider” program. These companies come to the world of AR from all sorts of fields, but share the common interest in Augmented Reality, as well as the ability to execute extremely ambitious AR projects that few developers can match. 938 more words


3d Cartoon Head

I thought I might do something else while I try and figure out the jumpship, so this is where this comes in. I was talking with my friend and I decided to share screens with him and follow some of his design choices. 51 more words

3d Modeling

Space Ship Early WIP

The start of a ship design with influences from jump ships from Battletech but with a more winged appearance. Needs a lot more work but it’s a start. 86 more words

3d Modeling

A few pieces of previous work

In my short time messing around with animation, I had to first start learning how to model, and man was it hard learning on my own. 462 more words



Iv’e begun a new project, maybe called “Cubert”, but i’m not totally sure yet. Just kinda popped into my head for the sneak peak. Anywho, here’s a pic from the upcoming animation. 

See you there.