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Katana Sword

Katana sword, model done with Blender , Render & Compos using Blender Internal Engine.

3D Artwork


I created this model to celebrate for the first time I have android phone around the end of February 2013 :p , All model done with blender 3D, render with BI engine + freestyle.

3D Artwork

Chibi Character Lucy4

Here my chibi model character I did long time ago, actually a character to be used to create my personal game, because of limited manpower and time I decided to share it to all of you for free, you can grab it here… 31 more words

3D Artwork

Racket & Suttlecock

Here my artwork I did some time ago, you can get this model for free in blendswap, all model done with Blender 3D software and Photoshop for texture editing.

3D Artwork

SketchUp Cloud Rendering

Rendering the SketchUp model is a big thing. A photorealistic and photogenic rendering of the SketchUp models makes a difference in the eyes of customers. It looks great, superb. 1,028 more words

Maya & Mudbox UV mapping, texturing and secular lighting

We where introduced to Mudbox on Friday. We learnt how to properly do UV Mapping in Maya and apply the bump map(Normal Map) and secular lighting we created with a wood texture in photoshop to a log model. 65 more words