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Introduction to 3D modeling for game and animation

3d modeling is the most important part of game and animation.This video tutorial will give you the basic idea of 3d modeling and will help you on jump start for 3d modeling.

3d Modeling

[3ds max] Beveling a surface using the Shell modifier

The goal: Give thickness to an object and define the edge’s shape using a spline. 92 more words

Architectural Visualization

Make your facility management process better through 3D facility & equipment modeling

3D facility and equipment modeling play a crucial role in making superior design visualization and plant maintenance and development activities.

Given below a wide array of software & 3d modeling programs which can make a sea change in facility management system. 394 more words

Smoothie-3D, the newest free 3d modeling software that creates smooth 3d models like butter

Smoothie-3D, an exclusive free 3d modeling software that produces 3d printable smoothest 3d models. These 3d models can be used for advertising, 3D visualization, 3D games, web and any other field belongs to 3D design. 150 more words

Jumpingmonkeyart.com Trailer

Hi there!

Here’s a trailer I did for this website.
It has a montage of my working, including, art, gaming, 3d modeling and more.
The song is “Overpowered” by Epic Soul Factory



Giant Snowman!

No, it isn’t real. I created the snowman in Blender and took the photo from our window, then I combined them in Gimp.

3d Modeling

This Web App Easily Turns Your Selfies Into 3D Models

Taking a 2D photo and turning it into a 3D model is something that many users getting started in 3D printing are interested in doing. Sometimes a straight-on shot can help you get basic dimensions, but really transitioning it into a 3D model can be very difficult. 193 more words

3D Printing