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RBH home (The Kitchen)

Yup, I did it! This is from the Project RBH as the title says and its the kitchen. Pure view at all times!! Isolated and awesome ! 145 more words


Intro to 3D Cities

Within the next week(s), I will begin publishing tutorials on how to create a 3D representation of your own city. I will also show how you can embed data into the model so that you can understand how data visualization in your model can be accomplished. 86 more words


Why 3D Planning?

3D planning offers insights that normal numbers and maps do not.

For example, this past Spring I was working onĀ an urban rail analysis here in Austin, TX. 179 more words


Welcome to The 3D Planner

I believe in the power of visualization to affect change.

To that end, 3D modeling in urban planning and public policy is not as highly utilized as it should be. 57 more words


Prop update

I have started working on the next MC prop update. Which is going to include: better bending arms and legs and 1.8 skin support. here is a picture of the arms and legs bending. 12 more words


Update: 9-17-14


Tonight I’m going to discuss interchange formats for a moment.

As of now, I’m currently getting my hands dirty with the Irrlicht-1.8.1 rendering engine. But, unlike its well-known rival (Ogre3D), it doesn’t have its own format for animated meshes. 282 more words