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Oh, and another thing:

…I forgot to show you how all those things from yesterday go together!

I’m getting old, I know. But you know what? It feels great! :D

3D Modeling

A more detailed take on Pinus macro photogrammetry

Previously, I described a few photogrammetry tests I did with a macro lens, but I didn’t go into the technical details much. Some people have asked me how exactly I took the photos, so here’s the detailed description. 494 more words

3D Modeling

Free Book Giveaway! – 3Ds Max 4 Media Animation

I was going through some of my art books and I decided to get rid of some. Instead of giving it to thrift store where it might sit or get thrown in a dumpster I thought I would offer it… 250 more words


Build a bear workshop

So there were 3 documents uploaded to Moodle entitled Building a Bear, at first I assumed it’d be some form of teddy with basic cylinder arms and legs, but when I opened the documents I was surprised to see this is an actual bear. 263 more words


The First of Many Projects

Of course, this is not the very first project, just the first I am posting on the internet. A question most would ask – Why start a blog now? 463 more words


Printer stand modeling

This was my first attempt to use Blender as real modeling tool. I built the printer stand on August, 2014.

I used default Blender unit as dimension of all objects. 66 more words


3D Computer Graphics I: Week 4

This week has been devoted to the basics of creating a texture for our models. Also, for the theory lesson we got a recap of color theory to refresh and deepen our understanding of color and light. 500 more words