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OctoGems Building Blocks Stacking Toy

Play a 36 piece building / stacking game where players take turns adding one piece at a time to make it bigger. Be careful or the whole thing will topple over! 34 more words

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3D Printed Polygon Bud Vase

A made-to-order 3d printed vase just for you! With 242 triangles, this decorative vase brings modern elegance with an edgy attitude. The low-poly construction is used to make a bold statement: less can be more. 29 more words

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Geodesic Dome Kit Toy


The 3D printed plastic hubs easily connect with standard drinking straws (included) to create a durable and very futuristic looking dome! Enjoy building domes and dome-like objects with your creative child.


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3D Printing and the Digital Divide

At the moment, it seems like 3D printing offers to usher in a new age of consumer independence as it provides people with the means to create anything they desire in their own home. 384 more words

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OAA In the News: Popular Archaeology Magazine

In addition to picking up our blog Adventures in Digital Archaeology, Popular Archaeology Magazine wrote a cover feature on our work advancing Digital Archaeology with Open Access Antiquarianism: 16 more words