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What tastes your fancy

In the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of research and development in the taste and flavour department for my 3d Sugar Printer. 134 more words

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How 3D printing is changing the way we live

Writing for the Wall Street JournalJavier Espinoza compiled a list of the various ways that 3D printing will assimilate itself into every possible aspect of your daily life; in fact, the technology is already being implemented into art and fashion, travel, food, and even automotive industries. 335 more words

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3D printing gives Quack-Quack a second lease at life

Similar to the recent story about our buddy TurboRoo, today we have another instance of 3D printing coming to the aid of one of our friends in the animal kingdom. 362 more words

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NASA plans to 3D print an entire telescope

Ready or not, 3D printing is going to be out of this world… literally! By the end of next month, NASA Aerospace Engineer Jason Budinoff is expected to  399 more words

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OctoGems Building Blocks Stacking Toy

Play a 36 piece building / stacking game where players take turns adding one piece at a time to make it bigger. Be careful or the whole thing will topple over! 34 more words

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