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Up Box #8

“Plug it back in…Jack!” Finch cried excitedly, peering into the window while rubbing the hot resin from his hands to his jeans. Jack was carefully clearing the pile of cooling blocks one by one from the metal plate,” … 548 more words


Tesco, two girls in poetic duel

No, not really a duel, just a Q&A session in verse. Pretty nice stuff to lighten your day.

Quirky World

In a historical milestone, the first 3D printer in space has produced the first object ever printed in space: a faceplate for the printer’s own extruder printhead. 58 more words

Impressoras 3D

Tem bem uns 4 anos que venho acompanhando o desenvolvimento da tecnologia de impressão 3d. Fiquei meses lendo o forum da RepRap antes tomar coragem e construir a minha primeira. 832 more words


Make-a-thon Preview: 3D Print-a-palooza

One piece of technology that always gets people asking questions is our 3D printer. At the Make-a-thon, our 24-hour fundraiser in support of the Mother Teresa High School robotics team and the MakerBus, we’ll be offering 3D printing demonstrations and mini workshops for 24 straight hours. 221 more words