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Homemade Nerf Blasters With 3D Printed Parts

This spectacular bullpup nerf gun was developed by the guys over at Mostly Harmless Arms. It is complete with 3D printed parts in a variety of colors. 158 more words

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10 Examples of technology coming to us in the future

Today on Fairweather news we look at 10 different examples of up and coming technology that will be set to hit stores in the not too distant future. 333 more words

3D-Printed 'Bump Key' Can Open Almost Any Lock

Bump keys are primitive tools used by locksmiths (and HAXoRZ) to knock open simple locks. Until now, many locks were secure simply because they were too complex to be bumped and, as a result, you had a bit of security by obscurity. 147 more words


3D printing a contact matrix in 3 easy steps

A contact matrix is a representation of contacts between individuals. For instance, in order to model the spread of rumors on social media, you ideally have to rely on contact matrices to compute the strength of bonds between types of individual agents. 1,103 more words


Webby Bracelet

Design for 3D  discovered the Webby bracelet design on Thingiverse designed by s_clint17. We printed the Webby braclet on FDM and SLS technologies by 3D Systems at… 34 more words

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Giant labelling paperclip

The Giant Labeling Paperclip is a large paperclip with a labeling tab. This design is a brilliant idea to help stay organized and easily locate papers.  76 more words

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