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TOP 5 különbség a 2D és a 3D nyomtatás között

Mióta elindult az amorFFactory projekt nagyon sok emberrel beszélgettünk 3D nyomtatásról. Azt is látjuk, hogy “páran” már lelkesen követitek is a cikkeinket. Eddigi tapasztalataink alapján az első kérdés mindig arra vonatkozik, hogy mi az a 3D nyomtatás, illetve hogy… 1,203 more words

3D Scanning

STUDIO TROBEC Hacks the Collection at the Powerhouse Museum

Vesna was invited by the Powerhouse Museum as one of 10 Sydney designers to Hack the Collection. This program showcases 10 objects from the Powerhouse Museum collection that have been 3D scanned and made available to 10 different designers to reinterpret and create new works. 365 more words


What's Hot Now: Introducing the iSense

We’ve been talking a lot about 3D printers and recent innovations that have been introduced to the market, but we haven’t touched too much on where the designs for these 3D prints come from. 104 more words

Sophie Kahn

Sophie Kahn’s work explores how technology fails to capture life. Using digital and analog technology such as 3-d laser printing and bronze casting to create fragmented  cast figures or life size video projections; reminiscent of classical sculpture or the remains of the dead at Pompeii. 104 more words

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3D scanning, printing and packaging

3D scanning, printing and packaging was the name of a workshop on friday November 11 at the GCEA Conference Workshop at Pittsburg State University presented by Jason Ward. 282 more words

GIT 221 - Web Graphics Software

Miből nyomtassam ki magam?

Sok a lehetőségünk, ha szeretnénk kinyomtatni saját magunk asztali verzióját. Ezért is jó, ha előre tudjuk, hogy mire is szeretnénk használni a kis szobrot a jövőben. 919 more words

3D Scanning

This 3D printer is also a scanner and laser engraver

It’s a pretty awesome time to be a maker. There are desktop CNC machines, circuit printers, laser cutters and 3D printers, plus all kinds of microcontrollers to cheaply turn anything into a functional, connected device. 347 more words