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This project is inspired by bones and my recent trip to the Museum of Osteology. The parameters of this project  include drawing inspiration from the unity, repetition, & balance bones exhibit, and  using wood as a medium,         because of its similarity to bone. 156 more words



My newest project is my Upcycle collection,

Inspired by innovation through recycling:
 artistically re-purposing  existing objects.

Ticket Stub Box

This box is made from a bamboo tea tray and the front part (just the frame and glass) of a picture frame.

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Between the Raindrops

     artist statement

     The full sculpture will be an abstract.
The idea is to capture the split-second when
a raindrop is just hitting the ground,
and discuss the meaning in negative space.

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Art 365 Review

I recently got the chance to attend the ART 365 opening at Artspace .

Its an exhibition project put on by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition ( 1,746 more words


Change the World

It occurred to me that no matter where I lived, geography could not 

save me.”      
 - Isabel Wilkerson

Inspiration: “CUT”

   I wanted to create a work that juxtaposed the idea of the natural, slow, and dynamic change  436 more words