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New Animation! I know!

I can’t help it, ok?  When I’m done creating 3D visuals and I gaze at them all adoringly, I can’t help but feel inspired to create an animation to try and convey the 3D visualisation process combined with my need to do something creative. 111 more words

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It's 2D but Not As We Know It

I’m always very interested and eager to expand and develop my skill when it comes to Graphic Design/Animation techniques, particularly when the effects are pretty inspiring. 256 more words

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3D Visual Hall of Fame

When you’re a ‘creative’ type and have started to amass a (sort of) collection of works, it’s nice to take a little bit of time out from your hectic schedule to revisit previous projects and reflect, ponder and bathe in the fuzzy warmth of nostalgia. 1,563 more words

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The Seedy World of the 3D Visualiser

I remember a time when I used to browse the internet to keep up-to-date with gossip columns, peek at the latest fashion trends and honour my obsession with Ryan Gosling by undertaking some essential and very thorough research (stalking).   311 more words

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3D Visualisation Service - The Process Explained

I thought it would be interesting to write a post explaining the process of how I create 3D visuals for my clients; from the moment I’m commissioned to undertake a new project, to the creation of the final presentation.   1,197 more words

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Interview with Greg Magierowski - 3D Artist

I got chatting with a pleasant chap via Twitter a few days ago.  He’s also in the 3D Visualisation industry and because he was so friendly I asked if he would mind taking part in an interview type thing on my blog.  1,396 more words

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