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Me Tarzan, You No-pain 3D

Mini Review:

Yes, It’s Tarzan, and it’s in 3D but done so well, you don’t come away with a headache. 346 more words

Ice Cube Figurines That Make Drinks Look Like Works Of Art

The liquor company Suntory has collaborated with ad agency TBWA\Hakuhodo out of Japan to come up with these detailed ice cube figurines that will make your drinks look like works of art.  48 more words


Printing your House?

3-D Printers are all the rage right now and of course the idea of printing your own house is there as well… OK for many particular applications from… 161 more words


How a 3D screen for iPhones could become the banking industry's security savior

This sponsored post is produced in association with IDA Singapore. 

Nanoveu makes a thin, transparent film that goes on your iPhone or iPad, enabling it to display 3D images. 614 more words


Maud Vantours - Paper Sculptures

Paris-based designer and artist Maud Vantours cuts layers of coloured paper to create unbelievable patterns and textures that are hypnotizing visual masterpieces.


Just testing...

Just messing around in Sculptris which is a baby version of z-Brush but free to use. I really want to buy z-Brush but before I really decide to do that I’ll practise in sculptris, it is pretty awesome. More to come.