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3D Mesh Sketch of Decorative Motifs on Caddo Pottery

Our efforts to digitize (in 3D) the decorative motifs on Caddo ceramics were recently featured in the magazine Early American Life. We thank the editorial staff for reaching out and making this possible, and hope that you enjoy the piece (click image to enlarge)! 59 more words


Maya & Mudbox UV mapping, texturing and secular lighting

We where introduced to Mudbox on Friday. We learnt how to properly do UV Mapping in Maya and apply the bump map(Normal Map) and secular lighting we created with a wood texture in photoshop to a log model. 65 more words


Let's Greeble! 5 Minute Cities with Greebles in 3ds Max

In my first post on #5 minute cities, I mentioned the Greeble plug-in for 3ds Max. It’s a great way to add detail or even build whole cities, realistic or sci-fi. 335 more words


Modelling Landon - Part 14

Yes I skipped 13 again. I always do this for my own work, although I realise I couldn’t do it in a pipeline. I guess I could take comfort in knowing that I won’t be the one getting bad luck if  it’s not my pipeline… 114 more words



I am very excited to have started a workshop in Bronze Casting at uni. This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time! 146 more words


Big Data

I’m not actually here right now.

You’re seeing an incredibly powerful simulation, crunching petabytes of data at teraflops speeds. Combined with the right sensory hardware, we’re able to create illusions of size, shape, color and sound… even touch. 367 more words