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Video Walkthrough: Y氏の部屋への脱出 (Escape Y's Room)

New game from MILD ESCAPE!!!  They are definitely my favorite escape game developer!!!  This time it’s even better– it’s a Detective Conan special version!!!  In case you don’t know, Detective Conan is a famous Japanese anime, and I think it’s also known as Case Closed in the US. 373 more words

Video Walkthrough

IBL on Lambertian surfaces using irradiance environment map

This is the 1st stage of my real-time image-based light (IBL) renderer work. In this part, a basic asset-loading and camera system is constructed. And irradiance environment maps are used to shade diffuse surfaces. 387 more words


Video Walkthrough: 洗車のアルバイト (Car Wash Parttime Job)

New game from その日暮らしから!  This one is called 洗車のアルバイト (Car Wash Parttime Job).  Find all the sponges and escape! :D

Game here: http://sonohigurashi365.com/carwash-parttimejob/


Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough: Girl's Room #2 Cheek Rouge

Hey there!  FunkyLand’s new game is here!  This is the second one in their Girl’s Room series, called “Cheek Rouge”.  I love love their graphic!!! 15 more words

Video Walkthrough