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How to continue development while you're sick

Just my luck…  I decide to startup a new project.  I get excited and get everything in order, standing up a new blog, figuring out how to publish to YouTube, verifying my resources, etc… and blam… The Flu hits… 622 more words


Church Spire:

Following my cross i have decided to begin working on the steeple starting at the top which was the cross and now the spire. So i created a simple texture for the spire i haven’t tested it in the engine but i think it will be fine. 53 more words

Uni Work

My first attempt at hard surfaces in Zbrush..

It`s been a while since the last time i posted something ..So i hope this will make up for the long absence :)

Many friends have been raving about the beauty of creating hard surfaces in Zbrush, and personally i used to think it was much better to create them in 3Dsmax and leave the organic and character modelling to Zbrush. 31 more words


Church Cross:

I decided to quickly make a texture for the cross that sits on top of St.Stephens church, working from the photo’s i had collected I had a vague idea to the shape of the cross. 60 more words

Uni Work

Small Pack:

I was tasked to make a rucksack for use in the client project, however i wasn’t sure what to look for s i found a picture of a soldiers pack and modeled that. 130 more words

Uni Work

Pflow Test

Please click the VIMEO logo at the bottom right corner of the video to view this in full quality.

Here’s a test using the Pflow find target systems within 3dsMax. 72 more words