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Art Block

I feel very art blocky at the moment. I abandon a lot of paintings or just flat-out don’t paint. I’ve had a lot of days lately where I’m like ‘oh, I’m ill so I won’t paint’, ‘I’m tired so I won’t paint’, ‘staring at this wall is fun so I won’t paint’. 345 more words

Prepping for 3D modeling of silver dagger

Last week all the students of the 3D computer graphics course were sent to look for interesting objects at the historical museum of Gotland (Fornsalen) that we are later going to do 3D models of as a hand in assignment later in the course. 711 more words

School Related

Optimizing 3D crates

During the third week of our 3D computer graphics course the task given to the students was to optimize and look for errors on the 3D crates created the week before. 789 more words

School Related

Rhino, Plugins and the Dish-Maker

I need to actually pay for Rhino, since I recently ran out of saves for it. I can save my Grasshopper files as much as I want, but I can’t get all of the plugins. 120 more words


3D Computer Graphics I: Week 3

This week was dedicated to cleaning up the models we had made on week two. Since one can easily become blind in ones own work, we switched models with our classmates to get a fresh impression as we look for problem areas. 543 more words