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3D Computer Graphics I: Assignment 3 - Body WIP

This is what Alfred’s body looks like after the Wednesday class.


Props for our group's Videogame

Visit http://www.projectwing.es to be informed of our progress.

Here is my work for the project (all in 3Ds Max with Cell-Shading):

3DS Max

At Home

I plan on to doing additional hours on 3DS MAX and Photoshop, I feel in comparison to my peers am behind.. I lack understanding of the software and I hope that fitting in a few extra hours will help me improve my confidence and quality and speed at which I produce my work.


3D Computer Graphics I: Week 6

During class this week we have been working on the concepts for our third assignment. Now we will be making characters, so they need a lot of back story and personalities to justify why they look the way they do. 607 more words


3D Computer Graphics I: Assignment 2 Update - Final textures

After several days of hard work I have what could be viewed as the final product of the second assignment. Since the dead line still is in a week from now, I can imagine that there will be some tweaking until hand in. 35 more words


3D Computer Graphics I: Assignment 2 Update - Model, UV and WIP of Diffuse Map

This is the WIP post of my Jug that I am making for Assignment 2. One would think that I’d remember the basics of how the different software work since we just went through it all in class, but it’s been so much information at once that I had to struggle with re-learning it again. 135 more words