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Creating 3D crates

Further into our 3D computer graphics course we students were assigned to create 3 different crates using the 3D studio max software. The 3 crates had to each present 3 different game styles of our choosing. 913 more words


[Download 3dsmax Maxscript] FBX to UE4 Batch Exporter v1.1

Back in UE4 beta days, i created a 3dsmax script to export some of my old meshes created for UDK to UE4. Since there was a lot of meshes i decided to write a Maxscript that will process all the FBX meshes from a given folder and export them to another folder as 2013 FBX so you can add them to UE4 without any compatibility errors. 183 more words

My new 3dsMax Rigging Tool Features Demo

versatile pose Library , selector , referencing amongst many other tools that comes as built-in , have fun !

The Chocolate Bar Definition

I spent some time in-depth learning time with Grasshopper and really got into how data trees are organized. I ended up re-creating something similar to the box morph, but completely within rhino and without the need of an object outside of rhino, (other than a plane). 99 more words


First look at Blender

Here are some things I learned about Blender (so far).  Before this, I used the student version of 3dsMax to do some character models.  Between Blender, Maya, and 3dsMax, I ended up choosing 3dsMax since I have some experience with AutoCAD, and most people say that the feel is fairly similar.   1,190 more words

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